Brussels in Belgium

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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and it is the collection center of large governmental and non-governmental entities of the world, without a doubt it is a political city with clearly stated be a role model socially in the world.

Brussels in Belgium – Travel – WebMediums

Visiting Brussels is a lovely visual experience, all its large buildings and its national monuments have beautiful parks, gardens or sculptures that adorn the main sites visited by tourists.

The city is calm and full of expectation, Each day new decisions are made by organizations and in some cases affect the entire planet.

That is why the government of Belgium promotes tourism by offering the best hotels in the country and with a city of 176 545 hab. (data 2017) of people It is necessary that transportation and security are guaranteed.

Brussels in Belgium – Travel – WebMediums

The best time to visit Brussels is during the evenings, it has number of nightclubs and cinemas and including a movie theater.

Because of the great variety of cultures and tourists the city does not seem to sleep, since at any time you find people on the streets who are preparing to start work or enjoy a walk.

The cuisine is local, with some of the best beers in the world and tasty wines.

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