Get to know the best tourist places in Brazil

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Brazil is a country full of great landscapes, paradisiacal beaches, its overflowing Amazon rainforest, colonial cities and cosmopolitan cities, which makes Brazil an ideal option for vacationing.

Also, among its endless tourist attractions, what most makes Brazil famous is the famous Rio Carnival. However, know which are the best tourist places in Brazil.

Get to know the best tourist places in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities most visited by tourists. Also, among its tourist spots are the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the mountains of Pan de Azúcar and Corcovado. Besides, in Rio de Janeiro is the huge and famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is the most important symbol of this beautiful city.

São Paulo

São Paulo is the main center of tourism, and it is also the economic capital of the country. Among the places that can be visited are the São Paulo Museum of Art, the Guarujá spa is an ideal place for swimming, while the doTombo beach is perfect for surfing and among many other places.

Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are the most impressive not only in Brazil, but in the whole world, since this natural phenomenon is located between the border of Argentina and Brazil. In addition, its lush forest is what enhances its great beauty.

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre is one of the most important cities in Brazil, since this city is located between five rivers. However, Porto Alegre is home to two environmental conservation areas which are the Lami Ecological Station and the Jacuí Delta State Park, as well as different architectural monuments.


In the city of Brasília there is the residence of the President, several embassies and different international representations, making it the main political headquarters of the Brazilian government. However, among its tourist sites are the Paranoá Lake, the Cathedral of Brasília, the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge and the Cultural Complex of the Republic.

Get to know the best tourist places in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums


Recife is also known as the "Brazilian Venice", this is because it is a territory with buildings from the colonial era and beautiful beaches. Among its places of interest are the Francisco de San Antonio convent and church, the Northwest Man Museum, the Train Museum and the Luso-Brazilian Plaza.

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is the capital of the state of Minas Giráis. Among the places that can be known are its caverns and grottos and its earthly passageways. On the other hand, among the caves that stand out the most in Belo Horizonte are the Gruta de la Pinha and the Gruta de Maquiné.

Gravatal hot springs

Termas de Grataval is a hydromineral stay, so its therapeutic waters provide its visitors with a well-being on a mental and physical level. In addition, it has some hot springs and cahoeiras caves such as Do Perpetuo Socorro and Sao Roque.


Florianópolis has a great tourist infrastructure, which is why it has beaches, lagoons, swamps, islands and hills. On the other hand, this city can practice various water sports such as surfing and kayaking on the beaches of Lagoa da Conceição, Praia Canas Veiras and Praia Joaquina.


Olinda is a colonial city that is located in Brazil, and it is also one of the best preserved. Also, this city is perched on a picturesque hill, so in its historic center you can find old houses, museums and colonial churches.