3 cities to visit in Brazil

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Brazil is one of the best countries to visit in America. Its tropical climate arouses the attention of tourists worldwide, as well as, from neighboring countries. Visiting Brazil is indisputably a destination in our agenda and to awaken your curiosity about this country, we present three of your best cities.

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Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza is known for having many parks to visit, it has everything from natural parks and ecological reserves, to amusement parks, for example, the Beach Park water park, becoming an ideal place to go as a family, with several attractions and complete game packages.

It has a luxury service that leaves according to any tourist, also has hundreds of pools, slides and tractions for fun.

On the other hand, there are many more theme parks in the city, for example, there is the ecological reserve of an area of ​​60 hectares and has a huge diversity of local flora and fauna. Further, the Brazilian government has been interested in preserving these areas for tourism, making it a frequent step for tourists.

Visiting Fortaleza in Brazil is a luxury that we can all enjoy at any time, it is not expensive at all and on the contrary it is full of diversity and many explorations to be done. Usually the hotels offer these tours as part of the tourhowever, you can hire any local agency to guide you in your visits.

Fortaleza is undoubtedly one of the natural prides of Brazil, besides that the tastes of all the people are satisfied since they offer complete streets dedicated to the nocturnal recreation.

Curitiba Brazil

Curitiba is a city that is growing, but with a curve of 80% that does not stop growing and announces to be one of the most important cities of Brazil in the future for its economic, industrial and financial development.

Curitiba is an urban center to invest, it is not a city where you can rest quietly if you are the owner of an important company that tries to make a contract, this is possible thanks to the government's management to make large international companies trust in the region to install their companies and invest in the local business.

But so much tension must be released, that's why Curitiba, as a good Brazilian city, prepares excellent dishes in its restaurants, attractive dances in their discos and night walks for their recreational areas.

Further, during the day you can visit the local museum and library, that by their nature of being unique, they are the largest in the region and they even make sure that your experience is enriched with a good human treatment so your language is different.

A city that receives the whole world and is sure of all the riches it has to show, thus of its capacity to assure to be excellent alternative for the world-wide market.

Salvador of Bahia Brazil

Salvador is a city in Brazil and the eighth largest in Latin America, its tourism is recognized worldwide and as expected from Brazil, its architecture, beaches and culture is the interesting thing to know.

The gastronomy is varied, as are the religions. You can find several religious centers for different purposes because of the many ethnic and cultural groups of the city, this particularity creates cultural centers and museums that keep the most important secrets and relics of the region.

But if your plan is to visit its beaches, you have several tens of kilometers to travel with the conditions you want in case you are from lovers of quiet beaches or from challenging to strong beaches.

So many kilometers of beaches, bays and coasts allowed the tourism sector to grow, that is why we find numerous hotels of all types along the shore, as well as impressive highways designed to make transport fast, safe and friendly to the environment.

Back to the city, you can find a city that does not sleep at night due to the large number of visits it receives daily, also that in the days when there are no national holidays they create world meetings so that tourism never stops.

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3 ciudades para visitar en Brasil
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