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What are the most expensive countries to travel to?

Engelberth Salas
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When it comes to taking vacations and getting away from the usual routine, you are always looking for the best places, with the best possible comfort, but sometimes these tend to be more expensive.

However, a good manager can obtain these sums of money and calculate the expenses in detail; in order to enjoy certain destinations, regardless of the economy.

Under these conditions, there are third world countries that see visits to the most expensive tourist places unattainable, since the cost of living is usually much lower than the amount that people must save for the trip.

These are some of the most expensive countries to travel to


Switzerland is one of the most expensive tourist destinations, which is why most people see it as an impossible region to visit.

The mountains for skiing are very famous and almost all travelers want to try this activity.

In this case, you can visit the less touristy mountains, which offer the same fun for a very low price.

In the summer times you can take advantage of cruises or boat trips, which are very relaxing and contain a really beautiful view.

As for the gastronomic part, consumption in restaurants or elegant places is really high, however, supermarkets offer very good prices on prepared meals.

You can also take advantage of offers in large food chains such as MacDonald or KFC, especially if they are family combos.

What are the most expensive countries to travel to? – Travel – WebMediums


Paris is one of the most expensive capitals in all of Europe, but the prices are not completely unaffordable for ordinary citizens of other countries.

Citizens belonging to the European Union who are under 26 years of age can take advantage of their age to access the main monuments and historical exhibits of the city, since the entrance for them has no cost.

This also applies to all museums nationwide since 2009, in order for citizens to increase their knowledge of ancient times and the traditions that were practiced.

For this type of vacation it is necessary to carefully plan the agenda, so that all possible activities can be carried out.

When you book the tours and / or tours that you want to take during the day, you can find multiple discounts that will include meals, VIP access, among others.

Shopping can be done in the cheapest places, while visiting the main sites of the city, especially: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, the Obelisk of Luxor, among others.

The cost of accommodation depends on how close you are to the city, the best way to save is to stay in one of the more secluded hotels and take transport to get to the city or to the tourist points you want to visit.

What are the most expensive countries to travel to? – Travel – WebMediums

New York

New York is known internationally for being the city that never sleeps. It has a number of activities for tourists and even for residents themselves.

You can enjoy a tour of the main structures of the city that also includes food and a private guide who knows the history well.

What are the most expensive countries to travel to? – Travel – WebMediums
New York

This region is also well known for its fabulous cruises of hours or even days, which offer a unique experience that includes extraordinary landscapes and the best services for each of its passengers.

Observing the buildings of the city from the comfort of a boat is one of the most fabulous views, you can also detail the most important of all structures, the Statue of Liberty.

Evening activities include musical shows and visits to the most beautiful places.

Moving anywhere at night is even easier than during the day, the bus lines allow stops anywhere along the way.

The gastronomy of this city is available for all budgets, you can get discounts or offers depending on the place.


The most expensive thing about a trip to Iceland is food, all tourists should prepare especially so that the budget is sufficient.

In order to avoid the excessively high cost of restaurants, you can make use of the fast food stalls, or if possible, access the cheaper supermarkets and prepare it personally.

In addition to enjoying the city, you can see the fantastic natural landscapes such as: the black beach, the waterfalls, the glaciers, the golden circle, among others.

What are the most expensive countries to travel to? – Travel – WebMediums

Before concluding, it is necessary to highlight that each country has its own entry policy, so it is important to take note of this before traveling.

Compliance with safety measures, in addition to full doses of the vaccine, is required well in advance.