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Netflix debuts new feature requested by users

Guzmán Leal
3 min read
Netflix debuts new feature requested by users – TV Series – WebMediums
Netflix would seek to optimize the content shown to its users.

What characterizes a quality company, and what allows it to stand out from the competition, is its attention to user complaints. In this sense, for Netflix it has been evident that the opinion and experience of subscribers go first, beyond the content.

That is why they have implemented a new function that has been the subject of suggestions from the community for some time now. Read on to learn about the new Netflix feature.

Netflix: App and web version will have a new function

Netflix's new feature is focused on user content tracking, which will allow you to explore new titles within the platform.

In effect, it consists of the possibility that users will have to eliminate any title that is in the "Continue watching" section.

Previously, people were unable to get rid of content they no longer wanted to view, which is why they flooded developers with suggestions.

In this way, our start will not be so overloaded with options to see, since we will eliminate what is no longer of interest to us.

On the other hand, it will also be a new way to help the application's algorithm to identify the user's content preferences. In other words, based on what they remove, they will be able to design a new, much more accurate recommendation model.

Netflix debuts new feature requested by users – TV Series – WebMediums
Netflix would allow removing content in "Continue Watching".

Let's remember that the "Keep watching" category is dedicated to all titles, whether they are movies, series or documentaries, that we haven't finished watching. It doesn't even matter how much time you spent on the content, or whether it was a mistake that you clicked wrong on one of the options.

Netflix listens to its users

As the category filled up and accumulated content that we stopped seeing, subscribers got tired of making the relevant complaint.

Now, although it has taken a while to arrive, it seems that the streaming platform does take into account the comments of its users.

Even not only have they added the function to delete content in “Continue watching”, but they also added the “Undo” button. The latter, in case the person mistakenly deleted a title that was actually pending to be seen.

It should be noted that the new platform function will be available on all devices that can display the application. That is, both on smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, among others.

How to use the new function? Step by Step

If you want to start the new function to renew all the content you are viewing, with the new function it will be extremely easy.

All you have to do is position yourself in the “Keep watching” category and locate the title you want to delete. Once there, you must press or click on the options menu, represented by three points arranged vertically.

Netflix debuts new feature requested by users – TV Series – WebMediums
New Netflix feature requested by users.

At the end of the menu that will open, we find the option nicknamed "Remove from queue". That will be the button for us to eliminate the titles that have bothered us for so long. This is a function that is already available from January 27, try it now!