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The creator of "The Squid Game" mentions 3 plots he has in mind for the following season

Luis Rafael
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The Squid Game has not only become the big surprise of the fall on Netflix, but also of what is going on in 2021 in particular and the entire history of the direction of the streaming platform in general.

With the honor of being the most watched South Korean series on Netflix, and also the premiere with more than 110 million records in its opening month, the spooky South Korean fiction about a dangerous endurance game has impacted the world forever.

While a large part of the world participates in the viral difficulties and in the different strategies that have not stopped spinning in the organization, the other half is pending what will happen in the new season.

All this will depend on its creator: South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk, an expert in the media industry and the film world, who has won so much merit without expecting it with the new series he has created for Netflix.

The creator of "The Squid Game" mentions 3 plots he has in mind for the following season
The creator of "The Squid Game" mentions 3 plots he has in mind for the following season

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk is planning to release a new movie

From the Netflix platform they have not stopped offering themselves to his service, Hwang has recognized that the simple fact of considering going back to work is "really exhausting" and that he is currently focused on his new movie.

The 3 possible plots that Hwang has prepared for the following season

The creator of what is currently Netflix's No. 1 series worldwide has in mind several plots for the following season. Since, they left many ends untied and the public is demanding answers.

In addition, far from totally ruling out giving the go-ahead to a season 2 of "The Squid Game", Hwang Dong-hyuk recently granted a meeting to The Hollywood Reporter in which he recognized some topics that he saw intriguing to be incorporated into another group of scenes. Specifically, he advanced three reflective plots that sound familiar to him when contemplating the possible second season:

1. "The story of the policeman and his brother, the leader"

With those careful words, Hwang alludes to the plot of Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon), the policeman who sneaks into the game to locate his missing brother and who is going to carry out the association of the game with his exams.

Ultimately, her missing brother is found to be the Leader, who is also responsible for taking the person's life.

In any case, by not seeing him pass on the screen, the entrance is open to his resistance and, as the director himself recognizes, there are still things to tell: "In the event that I ended up doing a second season, I would prefer to investigate that plot. What Did it happen between these two brothers? "

2. The story of the recruiter who delivers the first letter to Gi-Hun

"We could also move on to the story of that guy in the suit who plays ddakji with Gi-hun and hands him the card in the main scene," Hwang adds.

As you can review, this is the main game of the series, when the stealthy subject catches the attention of the protagonist in a train station and offers him to play for money.

After that first experience, the man gives Gi-hun a card and invites him to play a game with very large sums involved. From that moment on, the situation gets out of control, who is this puzzling stranger and what else could we look for in the association?

3. Where is Gi-Hun heading?

Finally, and what we could really anticipate from the second season of The Squid Game, is to know, unequivocally, how the protagonist's story continues after leaving the air terminal.

"Obviously we could continue with Gi-hun's story when he turns it around and do more research on how he will be paid back to the individuals who planned the games," Hwang says.

The Squid Game's message

Thousands of fans who have followed the series are excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new season to figure out what Hwang is up to. We only have to wait to see what story the director of The Squid Game will use.

On the other hand, despite the reflections that have been proposed for season 3, Hwang Dong-hyuk has commented with The Hollywood Reporter the message he wanted to convey with "The Squid Game" The facts really confirm that the main season is closed transparently, but I really thought it might as well be a decent conclusion to the whole story. "

"Therefore, it is not really Gi-hun who is coming back for revenge. Actually, it can be deciphered as that he visually connects with what is actually happening in the master plan," says director Hwang Dong-hyuk.