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The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022

Luis Rafael
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The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series
The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022

Netflix decided to publish its new programming that it will be presenting in the coming days, revealing new series and the most anticipated season renewals.

The hype is increasing on the platform, after the arrival of several new features and the announcement of new trailers that have aroused the desire of viewers. Among the most recent novelties are: 'New Goals', 'The Lincoln Lawyer' and '42 Days in the Dark'.

The Netflix series that arrive on the platform from May 9 to 15

1. '42 days in the dark'

This is the new Chilean proposal that will hit the platform in the next few days, marking one of the most anticipated premieres on 'Netflix Latin America'.

The series was created by the director 'Enrique Videla' and the cast of the series is made up of 'Claudia Di Girólamo', 'Aline Küppenheim' and 'Gloria Münchmeyer'.

The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series
'42 days in the dark'

The story is inspired by a thriller based on the real murder of 'Vivian Haeger' in Chile. The woman who disappeared without a trace and was later found dead in 2010.

In this new version, the plot follows Veronica, a girl who disappeared, and her sister Cecilia who does everything possible to find her.

While Cecilia conducts her own investigations and tries to buy as much time as possible, she will have to deal with the negligence of justice institutions. On the other hand, the young woman is overwhelmed by the speculations of the media and the theories that society creates.

" 42 days in the dark " will premiere its first episodes on May 11 in the platform's official catalog.

2. 'Working Moms' Season 7

' Working Mothers ' is the title of the Netflix original series that will be returning with the story of 'the mothers' in its seventh installment. The series was created by the Canadian showrunner 'Catherine Reitman', and among the protagonists of the cast, stand out: 'Catherine Reitman', 'Danielle Kind' and 'Juno Rinaldi'.

The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series
'Working Moms' season 7

The plot tells the story of four working women who, after the estimated end of maternity leave, are forced to deal with their little ones while working in the city of Toronto, United States.

The four friends are always looking for a way to support each other, be resilient and not judge each other when the going gets tough.

During the episodes, the 4 women will go through a great number of problems and complicated situations that they will always try to face with humor and comedy.

' Working mothers ' season 7 will be available from May 10, 2022 on the platform.

3. 'Brotherhood' season 3

The series ' Brotherhood ' is a Brazilian production of drama and suspense that has generated great expectations in users.

The series is directed by 'Pedro Morelli' and the cast is starred by 'Naruna Costa', 'Seu Jorge' and 'Hermila Guedes', in the broadcast of its 2 seasons. This time the story of 'Cristina' returns in its third installment.

The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series
'Brotherhood' season 3

The drama and suspense story recounts the life of 'Cristina', a woman who works at a law firm and always puts justice first. The lawyer's life takes an unexpected turn when she receives the terrible news that her brother is the leader of a criminal gang called 'La Hermandad' and has been imprisoned.

The police will have to use 'Cristina' skills to decipher and follow the next plans and criminal actions of her brother.

However, it is not easy for her to work against her brother, let alone betray him. Despite the fact that they have not seen each other for more than 10 years, now she will have to discover a very shady facet about him.

The premiere of the third season of 'The brotherhood' will be available from May 11 in the Netflix catalog.

4. 'The Lincoln Lawyer'

" The Lincoln Lawyer " is the name of one of the most anticipated releases on the platform in 2022.

It is a judicial drama that is based on the homonymous novel by the British writer 'Michael Connelly'. Created by screenwriter 'David E. Kelley' and starring 'Manuel Garcia-Rulfo', 'Neve Campbell' and 'Becki Newton'.

The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series
'The Lincoln Lawyer'

The plot relates the life of 'Mickey Haller', a successful Los Angeles lawyer who runs his law firm out of the back of his 'Lincoln Town' vehicle.

The protagonist is trying to regain balance in his life, after leaving his profession for a long time. For this reason, he decides to return to 'LA' to solve a new case.

The first season premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer will debut on streaming on May 13, 2022.

5. 'New Goals'

This is a Swedish miniseries that will be premiering its first episodes in the coming days through the platform's catalogue.

The series was written and directed by 'Sabine Boss' and 'Pierre Monnard', the cast is headed by 'Benito Bause', 'Roeland Wiesnekker', 'Rachel Braunschweig', 'Miriam Maertens' and 'Julian Koechlin'.

The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series
New goals

The story follows a man named 'Michi', who is a successful businessman living a luxurious life in the city of Zurich, Sweden. Everything is going in order in his daily life, however, things will change completely after a call that reveals that his father committed suicide in his house.

The premiere of ' New Goals ' will present the first part of season 1 starting on May 13, 2022.

6. 'Maverix'

' MaveriX ' is the new Netflix fiction based on an action and suspense story, intended for a teenage audience.

Among the main actors in the cast, stand out: 'Darcy Tadich', 'Tatiana Goode', 'Tjiirdm McGuire', 'Sebastian Tang', 'Charlotte Maggi' and 'Sam Winspear-Schillings'. The series was created and directed by 'Geoff Bennett' and 'Ian Watson'.

The new series that arrive on Netflix this week of May 2022 – TV Series

The plot tells the story of a group of teenagers who decide to create a new motocross gang while practicing the sport on a circuit. The goal of the boys is to reach the highest places and go viral with stunts. But, if they want to achieve their goals, they will have to face their fears.

In addition, to qualify for the heats of the competition they will have to face the best acrobats in the world of motocross. The team that emerges victorious will win the sum of 500 thousand dollars.

The debut of " MaveriX " on the small screen is scheduled for May 15, 2022 through the Netflix platform.