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These are the premieres that Netflix programming brings for November 2021

Luis Rafael
6 min read

The month of October is already ending and the most loved streaming platform in the world is already planning its new programming for the month of November.

This time Netflix comes with the best series and movies for the entertainment of its users.

In this article we are going to show what will be the new movies and series that will be part of the streaming platform from November. To know which movie or series to choose while they are resting at home while they enjoy the television screen.

These are the premieres that Netflix programming brings for November 2021
These are the premieres that Netflix programming brings for November 2021

Netflix series scheduled for November 2021

Next, we are going to show what series Netflix has prepared for this next month.

How to defend a murderer

The famous streaming platform "Netflix" is planning to present the sixth and final season of the fictional drama series starring Viola Davis, "How to defend a murderer". The last scenes of the series delivered by Shonda Rhimes, begin after the shocking occasion with which season 5 ended.

These are the premieres that Netflix programming brings for November 2021
How to defend a murderer

Annalize is not in the best stage of her life, aware of this, she chooses to go to a recovery center to control her use of illicit drugs. Also, as if that weren't enough, it is soon discovered that she knew an important mystery. The premiere of this amazing series will be available on November 24.

The scammer

Within a week, the anime "The scammer" returns to Netflix with its next season. In the new scenes, the one who agreed to be Japan's most notable cheater, Makoto Edamura, continues to try to escape the control of the mob led by Laurent Thierry.

This is one of the most anticipated anime on the platform, it has a great story and good character development, we'll see what it will prepare us for this new season. The premiere of "The scammer" will be published on November 25 of this year.

A place to dream

This is an excellent original series from the Netflix platform, it is a series based on a romantic drama. This time we will find the second season of the fictional series, a season full of romance and a quite moving story that will catch all viewers.

A place to dream is based on the novels by Robyn Carr, this time we will see how Melinda will realize that Jack begins to move away from her the moment her place becomes pregnant.

However, this is not going to make Melinda sit idly by and will continue to try to win over her beloved Jack. The premiere of the second season of this series will be scheduled for November 27.

Christmas visit

This is an authentic title of the new and only series that premieres on Netflix at the end of November.

This is a comedy series that follows Bastian, an artist with a minimal future who returns to the family home to observe Christmas. Once there, Bastian begins to receive a progression of rather surprising astonishment.

These are the premieres that Netflix programming brings for November 2021
Christmas visit

This is a new series that will have its premiere on November 27, it has a quite funny and moving story, many people are waiting for this amazing series.

Netflix's movies scheduled for November 2021

In this section we are going to show the best movies that we can enjoy on the Netflix platform as of November.

Legally blonde

This is one of the best comedy movies of the 2000s, we delve into the story of Elle Wood, a very popular blonde girl, you could say that she is the perfect girl. She has excellent academic grades, is a class president at university, and everything seems pretty good in her life.

However, this changes when the boy who is her better half decides to break up with her because she is too blonde and not elegant enough to be her partner, since, he plans to graduate in political science, this film will be part of Netflix at from November 1.

Bad boys for life

It tells the story of two excellent and relentless detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, this time they get their act together again. In this movie we will see how.

Regardless, when another case comes to solve, they will cooperate one last time.

This time, faced with another danger, they will have to work side by side with an advanced police unit that will have some contrasts with the two analysts of yesteryear.

These are the premieres that Netflix programming brings for November 2021
Bad boys for life

Will they remain terrible young forever? This third film in the adventure of two rebel policemen (Bad Boys) is a film directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who were the directors of great films such as: Gangsta (2018) and Black (2015).

The famous movie "Bad Boys for life" will be published on Netflix as of November 4, 2021.

The kings of scam

It is a movie starring Will Smith, this time Nicky will play an expert extortionist who decides to help a young fond of the scam world named Jess.

She seeks to get closer in the relationship with Nicky and as a result of meeting they begin to experience passionate feelings for and initiate a sentimental connection.

He agrees to teach her stunts so that she learns better to cheat and drink. In any case, when least expected, Nicky unexpectedly breaks the relationship.

The explanation is that a lady from his past is back in his life, she returns to Buenos Aires on a racetrack where the stakes are extremely high however she will try to destroy Nicky's arrangements and exploit his side as a cheater.

This is a romance film with an action touch, one of the best films directed by Glenn Ficarra, an excellent American film director. " The kings of the scam", better known as "Focus" will be part of Netflix programming from November 3.

Hunt the killer

In this film we are going to learn the story of Jim Terrier, he is an excellent retired special agent from the United States who has been betrayed by the association for which he once worked and must abandon his life while he is entangled in an incessant game of waiting It will take you to Africa and Europe.

This is an excellent film that mixes action, adventure and suspense, Perfect for those who love adrenaline. The premiere of "Hunt the murderer" will be on November 4 on the Netflix platform.