7 Tips to lose weight

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Among myths and gurus that appear every month confusing people, many people get entangled when they want to lose weight when, just by following some basic tips, you will have more than half of the way traveled.

No, easy or fast can be, is one of the things that should be clear, but you can lose weight without making great sacrifices, without pressing with diets that seem more torture than a healthy plan and above all, without stopping to eat several of the things that you like, the secret? Balance.

7 Tips to lose weight – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

But I invite you to understand it better in our top of 07 tips to lose weight.

Tip #1 Forbidden foods?

Do not fall into the extreme of completely stopping certain things that you like, as you read at the beginning, it's about having a balance, it will not be the same to eat a cookie a couple of times a week than to eat a jar of cookies every day, if you know how to manage your cravings, you will not have to completely abandon your favorite delights.

Eating half a bar of chocolate on a Saturday morning after coming for your walk or jog or before going to play a game of basketball will not ruin your diet either.

7 Tips to lose weight – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Tip #2 Consume lots of fruit

It is something that is included in all diets, but not why I was going to omit it in this top.

Consuming fruit allows you to neutralize other cravings, an apple that you eat in the middle of the morning will help you wait for lunch without being tempted to eat junk food or any other food that will undoubtedly bother your diet.

In addition to this, fruits have an interesting effect on your skin, in reality the organism benefits a lot, in the case of apples they even serve to clean the teeth better.

The carrot is also a good food, has the advantage that you can have carrot sticks in the fridge and eat something healthy when you want, you can also choose small carrots and have them well washed as a snack.

Tip #3 Never skip meals

For this it is important to make sure that your routine does not interfere in it, in any case, if you have a job with somewhat heavy schedules you can stay with a partner that supports you in the time you need to eat your lunch or dinner, then you could cover He / she another moment.

The important thing is to organize things so that you never skip meals, it seems somewhat inconsequential but skipping meals is the beginning of the end of your diet.

Some diets recommend making 5 meals a day, controlling calories of course.

It is something positive, for that case you should coordinate a meal every 3 hours and thus better meet your objectives.

7 Tips to lose weight – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Tip #4 Avoid monotony

You may like creams a lot but your palate, your body will feel more inclined to follow the diet if you try different things, from time to time a green salad, a piece of cheese or fruit salad.

Stimulating yourself is part of the task, no one will have a coach or nutritionist 24 hours at your side to help and advise you.

Tip #5 Be consistent

A slip does not have to condemn your diet, but if one day you failed, the next you have to resume and recover ground and above all, do not self-deceive yourself with that "I already broke the diet, what's more to keep eating fried chicken on weekend "

Not so, if you succumb to a temptation of one night, the next day you propose it, do some exercise, a game of football or basketball and you'll feel good about taking things back.

7 Tips to lose weight – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Tip #6 Avoid processed sugar

No soda, or bottled drinks with these chemicals, is one of the worst enemies of a diet.

You can try an apple juice, papaya (or milky), melon or other fruit, sweetened with honey. Only the fruit and honey and believe it will be very delicious.

Tip #7 Avoid sedentary lifestyle

Even if your job requires sitting 6, 7 or 8 hours in front of a PC, counteract that with a walk or a daily jog of 15-20 minutes.

Also, in the day, try to walk in the hour of rest, walk a couple of blocks, try to stay as active as possible, a pet is a great option because it takes you to walk, give attention, with certain breeds of dogs even you end up putting yourself in shape without needing anything else.