The internet made me fat

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It all starts in a small apartment where a lonely girl writes an article called "The Internet made me fat."

No one knows exactly who he is but today I am going to write about her, since her body language when going out for some food, can reveal to us how is her personality and how it develops.

The internet made me fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

He only goes out to buy food

While walking and going for a bit of food, he goes to his goal without looking at his sides, only to what he is going, it does not take more than 5 minutes to go and return. When going back to go through the path that leads to his apartment, he has a certain gesture on his face of anxiety, but Anxiety to what?

Several months have passed and his size increased so much that he now buys more ration than he bought. Thus, every day there is a new article on your blog, which can be easily recognized on the network because like her, there are many girls who write what they feel.

It does not show his true identity

Although they hide behind their blog to show that they are other people. Although her body language tells us what kind of life she leads, she is very likely not happy with what she does. When a person is not comfortable with what he does, he quickly gets out of focus.

This knows how to cause despair and is frustrated, this it seems to be happening to the voluptuous girl who always goes to go shopping. Every time I read a paragraph on your blog, you notice the instability in it. Until one fine day he wrote a title called: "The Internet made me fat".

The internet made me fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The words that described this phrase had anger, as he continued to move forward and read every paragraph of his life he said:

"The Internet made me fat, I waited a long time for everything that I wrote to turn out, but while I was writing and I was locked in my worries, I ate food with despair and sadness".

"Last year I worked, but now I do not, I'm getting desperate and that anxiety makes me eat, on the net I never raise my true identity and if I do, the photo I post is always in profile or with my head covered by my hair "

Which means that fear seizes her, as she feels a lot of fear, tries to cover herself in any way. The point where I realized is how he throws his hair to his face and tries to dress only in black, since when walking his brow is frowning, his look is full of hatred and resentment.

One day my partner and I, we agreed and tried several times to talk to her, wanting to make friends, but it is a bit difficult when the person lives his own world, which in reality never belongs to her because she lives an unreality, taken by the way.

Can the Internet emotionally alter?

The first point to touch with her was her emotional state, There is a possibility as to why she has changed so much in such a short time, maybe she got depressed by the fact of not having a job and how she searched, a quick exit with the Internet and the blogs, gets desperate and ends up with emotional alterations.

The internet made me fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This type of emotional disorders it makes a person look for a relaxing food, causing physical problems.

This in itself is not a problem because it is easy to solve, for this the person must stabilize, then see if what he is doing is right and if that is what he wants.

If it is the right thing, your mind creates an image that must be big and bright, so the person stays calm and lives in peace. Once she has peace, no one crosses her path unless she wants it. You can think clearly and serenely, because the mental images that harassed his life are gone.

That being the case, he will want to smile with all the freedom of the case, without feeling fear for words or images that perhaps ruined his emotional stability. She must understand that the decision is only her if she decides to put on weight and abandon herself.

A mental change is necessary

Just as it is easy for you to prepare a mental image of destruction, you can do the opposite with something that is pleasing to your mental health. An intelligent woman is programmed to be better and get what she wants, this looking for the best information possible and learning to better rationalize her life.

The thing about getting fat for going to the computer, that's too much irresponsibility and lack of affection for yourself, the self-esteem in you woman is very important, so that you do not fall prey to any word or image, that disturbs you the happiness of wanting to live with freedom of thought.

The internet made me fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Improving self-esteem is fundamental

Must start to love, leave the environment that bothers or does not like you, find what makes you happy because sometimes it is the medium, where you find that causes you sadness or disdain, to do what you really like.

Observe very well around you that there is, what is not in your view, change it mentally if it does not reassure you. See the illuminated place is a good option to progress, since he does not see him but. With this it happens to pleasure doing what is programmed.

If someone says out there or you read: "The Internet made me fat", know that this is lack of affection and I appreciate to yourself, that you can solve with the will of the person. In case you can not, get help.