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Advices to improve the memory

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Advices to improve the memory – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Over time, various reasons can occur for which we lose our ability to concentrate, long-term and even short-term memory retention.

Not finding the keys to the house, forgetting where you kept an important object or even forgetting where you left your cell phone, are the most common and obvious events that your memory is failing.

But there are ways to avoid early memory deterioration, or even ways to improve memory function, and in this article we will explain the best tips to achieve this.

6 infallible tips for a healthy memory

Exercise the mind

The brain is where memory functions are located, both long and short term, and the brain is one more muscle that is part of our body.

Like all muscle, the brain must be exercised periodically, so as not to wear out, the best ways to improve your brain retention capacity are the following:

  1. Change the routine a bit, avoiding doing exactly the same thing daily, you can change your route when driving, take another route while going to work or start your morning in different orders.

  2. Doing crossword puzzles, word search or also sudokus, are simple activities that can keep your brain active, being an excellent way to avoid memory deterioration.

Advices to improve the memory – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

3. Playing a musical instrument also significantly exercises memory, since coordination is required to perform this type of activity.

Maintain a social life

Although many people may think that social interaction is overrated, it can be one of the simplest ways to maintain a healthy memory.

Social isolation can cause progressive memory impairment, communicating with other people and interacting directly with them, will keep your brain fully active.

That is why you should consider the following points:

  • Go to meetings with friends, to keep up to date with each one of them, that way your memory will struggle to remember names, faces and even certain characteristics about them.

  • Go for a walk in the park, that way they can present themselves the opportunity to meet new people, so that memory can start its main functions of recognition.

  • Try not to isolate yourself, although being alone can sometimes increase productivity in certain ways for people, this lifestyle can cause depression, which contributes to progressive memory loss

Exercise your body

Physical exercises generally require a lot of coordination on the part of the brain, which in turn exercises the brain, because it requires following movement patterns.

This is one of the best ways to avoid memory impairment, because it keeps the brain fully active, while doing recreational activities, exercising mind and body.

Cycling: cycling is undoubtedly a physical exercise that requires a lot of concentration, which stimulates the brain to stay active, helping to improve memory in the process.

Advices to improve the memory – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Yoga: yoga is an activity that has a series of breathing exercises, which allow constant oxygenation of the brain, being an excellent option to improve memory capacity.

Sleep well

One of the main keys to improving memory and of course avoiding memory deterioration is to sleep the recommended hours to give the brain a well-deserved rest.

Work and routine stress, added to lack of sleep, can cause neuronal deterioration, which affects the state of memory, to avoid this it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

If insomnia is the problem, you can choose to consume certain infusions that improve the ability to sleep, so that the brain can strengthen the neural connections.

Adequate sleep can help you significantly improve your memory capacity, so start looking for ways to do this correctly.

Eat well

The diet of a person directly affects the brain capacities of this, in turn directly influencing the part that is responsible for memory.

Maintaining a balanced diet, without exceeding the consumption of fat that affects your cholesterol levels, can directly influence improving your memory, you can consult a nutritionist on these occasions.

Track diseases

There is a group of diseases that can directly affect the memory capacity of any person, such as depression, anxiety or even diseases such as hypertension.

The latter causing stress in people, to avoid this, go to your doctor, so that you can properly control these types of diseases that affect your health.

By controlling diseases of this type, it is totally guaranteed that you can focus your thoughts on more positive things, improving your memory.

Remember that a regular check-up with your trusted doctor can prevent you from suffering from any of these diseases that affect your rhythm of life.

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