What is Ascaris lumbricoides?

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Ascariasis, is produced by the consumption of infected parasite eggs. This happens regularly when our hands are contaminated with microbes, and we do not put them in our mouths, when we eat salads or fruits that have not been washed or cooked.

This infection as a whole represents a group of parasitic diseases, affects in all parts of the world, in some countries more than others.

The parasites of the ascariasis live in the stomach, and the eggs are expelled through the feces of people who are infected.

What is Ascaris lumbricoides? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Contagion by Ascaris lumbricoides

If a person is infected, and defecates in a place where another person can have contact with the eggs of the parasite, when it matures, they become a parasitic form that is very dangerous.

People contaminated with ascariasis, can be treated concerts medicines indicated by the doctor. There is no known exact number of people who are infected with this virus.

The life cycle of these adult parasites is 1 to 2 years. When these parasites, both male and female, are found in the intestine, the female produces approximately 200,000 eggs per day.

When there is only presence of ascariasis female, these can produce eggs, but these eggs have the characteristic that they do not develop until the infectious stage. In another case where there are only male ascariasis in the intestine, no eggs are formed.

These parasites travel quickly, specialists say they can arrive 4 days after ingestion.

What is Ascaris lumbricoides? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Ascariasis travel to different places, it penetrates in the intestinal wall, they move by the hematogenous route, towards the heart and to the lungs. Sometimes they tend to move to different places, including the brain.

Treatment of Ascaris lumbricoides

In general, only infections that produce symptoms require treatment. In some cases, ascariasis disappears on its own. Other cases the parasite is often hidden, and the carrier does not feel any symptoms.

There are medications that doctors can recommend for ascariasis. The most effective ones we can mention the following:

Albendazole, this medication is prescribed for the treatment of infections caused by parasites.

Mebendazole anti-parasitic drug prevents infections of parasites, is very similar to albendazole.

Ivermectin controls the infection of parasites in the intestine.

These medications, when regularly taken for a week, kill adult parasites. Not so with eggs. Many of these medications have as a side effect nausea and bad taste in the mouth.

In extreme case, the doctor can request a surgery, to extract worms from the intestine. They also do the surgery if the ascariasis has produced some damage. These parasites in the most extreme cases, can cause the obstruction or perforation of the intestine, and the appendix.

What is Ascaris lumbricoides? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

How is Ascaris lumbricoides transmitted?

The mode of transmission of ascariasis, it can be fecal and oral transmission route, of the eggs that contain infection. In general, only infections that produce symptoms require treatment.

Embryos need 10 to 45 days for their growth, before they become dangerous. The propagation takes place quickly in very humid places. The eggs are very resistant to environmental conditions, they can survive both cold and high temperatures.

Many studies show that eggs can remain alive for several years. Other studies say that they also move through wind and earth. But the most common way is through water and food, such as vegetables, vegetables, salads, and fruits.