Breast cancer

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Also, called breast cancer, this type of cancer is that it originates in the part of one or both breasts and begins when the cells that are in this area begin to grow in an uncontrolled way.

Generally, it is easy to detect since the growth of the cells is forming a kind of tumor that can be easily observed through an x-ray or simply to be detected through the physical examination when feeling the area.

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Although most of this type of cancer attacks women, there are also cases of men who have developed it. As long as it does not spread to other body tissues it does not become a malignant tumor and can be eliminated.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

• Through the physical examination called "touching", it can be felt in the area of ​​the breast, around and under the armpit. Touching feels a kind of strong knots.

• Changes in the shape or disproportionate size of the breasts.

• The secretion of any type of fluid, especially blood through the nipples. Especially if it's just one of the nipples.

• If there is any physical change in the nipples, such as sores or sinking in the breast.

• Skin conditions of the breasts, such as rashes, fright, roughness, dimples, etc.

• The so-called "orange peel" it occurs in the skin of the breasts, it is also a warning sign.

• Changes in the breasts, such as high temperatures, swelling, redness, among others.

• Constant pain in the breasts.

How is breast cancer spread?

If cancerous cancer cells in the breast, they multiply and reach the blood or enter the lymphatic system; most likely it will spread throughout the human body.

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