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Calf exercises at home

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Tone up your calves in less than a month! Dazzling with well-worked legs and formed muscles not only stylize the figure of women and men, but are the basis of a good posture, after all, the extremities are key in the way of stepping and walking, intervening in the health of the body structure. How to increase calves? simple, with some effort, perseverance and the exercise routine suggested below.

Calf exercises at home – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Routine to tone and increase calves

In addition to increasing the calves, you will improve the calves in 30 days.

The following exercises are ideal for toning your legs and providing extra health benefits as they will burn calories and fat, improving cardiovascular health and lowering bad cholesterol levels, while toning your leg muscles and strengthening your joints.

Exercise 1. Walking or hiking

Although the ideal is hiking because it is a practice in which routes are walked on foot, either through the mountains or a field, walking around the city every day, at least half an hour, is more than convenient to show off toned legs and increase the calf muscles.

We know that this cannot be done completely at home, but surely there is an area near your home where you can do this exercise and improve your calves.

Exercise 2. Bike

Regardless of whether it is moving in nature, the city or without moving on a stationary bicycle, any modality with cycling is ideal for increasing anaerobic capacity, without taking away the development that pedaling gives to the legs.

Calf exercises at home – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Nowadays, buying exercise bikes is cheap and will help improve your legs considerably.

Exercise 3. ankle weights

Thanks to a simple velcro or strap, these weights are attached to the ankles allowing you to carry out any kind of activity, enhancing its effects by the action of the weight added to the calves.

It is important to stretch before exercise and start with a light weight, thus avoiding any cramps, problems or injuries.

Exercise #4. To swim

Swimming is undoubtedly a complete sport, and the reason for this is simple, in its practice all muscles are involved simultaneously, thus achieving optimal muscle tone, as well as improving coordination and the capacity of the lungs and heart by enhancing your performance.

You probably don't have a swimming pool at home, but this activity once a week will greatly help the development of your legs.

Exercise #5. Jump Squats

When the goal is to grow the calves quickly, few equal this exercise since it works the muscle in an explosive and intense way.

Calf exercises at home – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

It will be enough to flex the knees, going down to the maximum to end up jumping in a vertical impulse, taking care to najar when landing before repeating everything again. Start with 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Exercise #6. elliptical

The design of this machine is designed to cover a large number of movements, therefore, it is possible not only to work the calves, but also the arms in an exercise that minimizes the risk of injury.

Exercise #7. jump rope

Although its simplicity suggests otherwise, jumping rope is a fairly complete exercise when it comes to increasing muscle tone and strengthening the legs, in fact, its results are evident within a few weeks of practicing it.

Physical resistance and body balance are worked on in an activity that involves direct effort from the calf, while cardiovascular health is considerably improved.

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