Exercises to eliminate gases

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In addition to annoying, the gases are usually very painful to cause inflammation in the abdomen, although the body has the ability to expel them naturally, sometimes they are retained giving rise to these unpleasant cramps. Luckily, some exercises are infallible in alleviating the problem.

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What are the abdominal gases?

Various factors affect the excessive presence of gases, however, the vast majority are modifiable habits. Speaking while eating or doing it too quickly is one of the actions that most favors the intake of large amounts of air, which in turn, causes gas. To this is added:

- Improperly chewing food

- The intolerant to certain foods

- The consumption of soft drinks or very sweet, as well as foods difficult to digest

- Certain medications or antibiotics.

- The presence of conditions such as: irritable bowel syndrome, dyspepsia, constipation or bloating.

5 key exercises to fight gases


When it comes to stimulating intestinal mobility, the practice of aerobic exercises is one of the most recommended, only with fast walking with the head high, the shoulders back and breathing through the nose will get the circulation of the gas necessary to decompose the bubbles and their subsequent elimination.


Whether traveling on the street or pedaling on a stationary bicycle, cycling represents one of the infallible sports to set the stomach in motion, therefore, achieve that the gases are released by themselves.


The abdominal exercise helps to get rid of the gases, the reason for this is simple, the muscles of the stomach are contracted and released by mobilizing the air efficiently through the digestive system.

Lying on a mat on the back with knees bent at a 45-degree angle and hands behind the head, you proceed to raise your head, neck and shoulders while inhaling and contracting the abdominal muscles. The idea is that these are the ones who work but without forcing them or stiffening the neck; the head will descend exhaling the air. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

Sit on the floor with your knees drawn towards your chest

Maintaining the posture, proceed to swing from front to back, as a complement, it is advisable to hug the knees and draw circles by bringing both legs together out the left side before approaching the chest and continue to the right side.

Yoga postures

Different feats or yoga postures serve as coadjutants in the elimination of excess gas in the womb, including the posture of wind release or Pavanmuktasana and Cobra Position.

In the first, the right knee will be taken to the chest lying on the floor, the posture will be kept pressing with the fingers of the hands intertwined in its upper part. He will raise his head trying to touch the knee with his nose and holding his breath for about 10 to 20 seconds. After straightening and relaxing the leg, the procedure is repeated with the left.

For the Cobra Position, you will lie on your stomach, spreading your legs with your toes on the mat, while your hands will be placed under your shoulders on the surface. Pressing feet, hips and pubes will raise the torso without separating the lower part of the body, at the same time, the buttocks must contract and breathe softly for 15 to 30 seconds before returning to the floor.

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Ejercicios para eliminar los gases
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