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Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat

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Fruits are that food group that cannot be lacking in a balanced diet, however, when it comes to diabetic people, it is necessary to take precautions, since they have a high sugar content that could end up aggravating their condition.

But, this does not mean that you can not eat fruits, but it is important not to abuse them and eat them at the right times, but read on and learn more about this.

Can a diabetic eat fruits?

This is a resounding yes, as we have told you, it is not about eating or not some fruits, but about limiting the intake of some of these, because fruits are 100% healthy, they provide you with vitamins, minerals, which can even help you to face other pathologies derived from diabetes.

Although fruits contain sugar, it comes from fructose, which compared to glucose is not absorbed immediately by the body, however, in large doses they can alter sugar levels.

What is the glycemic index?

It is a way of classifying fruits according to the amount of carbohydrates they contain, the scale goes from 1 to 100, and what this value indicates is the speed at which said fruit or food can increase the level of sugar in the blood.

What kinds of fruits are recommended for diabetics?

In essence, all fruits can be good for a patient with diabetes, however, experts recommend the consumption of some in greater quantity than others, we will tell you about the ones that are more convenient for you, if you are diabetic.


Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This fruit is rich in anthocyanins, which has unparalleled antioxidant properties, in addition to influencing blood sugar levels, in fact it helps you keep these values under control.

The glycemic index of cherries is 22, which makes it one of the fruits with this lowest index, half a cup of cherries daily can be an excellent snack for diabetics.


Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Rich in antioxidants

They are rich in antioxidants, as well as fiber and vitamins, in addition to guaranteeing a good dose of energy and having unparalleled satiating effects.

With its consumption you will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, with three quarters of a cup of this fruit, you can obtain essential vitamins and minerals for your good health.


Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Studies have shown that the consumption of plums can help treat diabetes, thanks to its anthocyanin content, as well as ellagic acid, and hydrolyzable tannins, these antioxidants will keep your body healthier, protected and sugar levels under control.


Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This is perhaps one of the fruits that is most recommended for people with diabetes, it is rich in vitamin C, minerals, fiber, in addition to having a fairly low glycemic index, it is positioned between 31 and 51, studies have shown that its Consumption keeps the sugar level in check.


Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

If you want to eat some fruit with a low glycemic index, this is also an excellent alternative, vitamin C, fiber, pectin, are part of its properties, that is why it is considered the allied fruit for people who suffer from diabetes, with apples the need insulin is reduced by up to 35%, the glycemic index is between 30 and 50.


Fruits that a diabetic can and cannot eat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

According to experts, just eating a kiwi daily will keep your sugar level low, in addition to being rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, and other nutrients that benefit health.

Guava, pear, grapefruit, bananas, and avocado are also among the best fruits for diabetics.

Which fruits are not good for diabetics?

We reiterate, when we talk about fruits, they are all good, but some have a higher glycemic index than others, that is why intake should be controlled when suffering from conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Among the fruits that diabetics should eat in moderation are:

  1. Grape

  2. Figs

  3. Papaya

  4. Pineapple

  5. Watermelon

This is because they contain many carbohydrates and little fiber, which makes it easier for your intestine to absorb sugar, in addition to its high glycemic index, it is positioned between 59 and 60 in the case of figs, papaya and pineapple, while watermelon has a GI above 70.

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