Grade A erosive esophagitis

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Grade A erosive esophagitis, is a disease of the tube of the esophagus where the defenses of the gastric mucosa are at their lowest level which causes an erosion to be created throughout the esophagus.

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Most of the time it is asymptomatic and can cause bleeding in the esophagus, it is considered grade A because its damage to the membranes of the stomach mucosa does not exceed the first two folds, sometimes ulcers appear around these membranes.

This type of disease must be treated by a specialist in gastrointestinal diseases since self-medication can cause severe and irreversible damage to the tube of the esophagus.

The direct cause of grade A erosive esophagitis is chronic acid reflux, other indirect causes or risk factors for this type of disease are the accidental or conscious intake of chemical products such as cleaning products.

The most common causes are stress, excessive and constant consumption of cigarettes and all kinds of alcoholic beverages, infections at the gastric level, severe gastrointestinal bacteria, radiation treatments and chemotherapy, excessive consumption of anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics and antidepressants without hydration, among others.

Although the treatments that apply to grade A erosive esophagitis will depend on the severity and the progress of the disease, the main treatments are all those drugs that reduce the production of stomach acids, inhibitors of proton pumps and gastroesophageal reflux blockers.

Surgery is one of the last treatments applied to people who suffer from esophagitis of this type, this is because the substances that have been responsible for aggravating the disease once they have entered the esophagus should not exit through it, or they could cause double damage to the gastric mucosa membrane.

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Esofagitis erosiva grado A
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