Symptoms of diseases

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Then, we present the main symptoms of common diseases. Its incidence varies according to the country, while in some populations they are normal cases and frequently treated with basic medicine, in other populations it can be a cause of certain death. This will depend on the level of health of the hospitals or clinics.

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What are the symptoms of herpes?

What are the symptoms of herpes? It is important to determine your diagnosis. The normal in the case of herpes is that the symptoms vary, sometimes, they can be very mild and other very serious. Among the symptoms of herpes we have the following.


Genital herpes.

Pain when swallowing.

General discomfort.

Skin infections.

Pain around the mouth.

Eye and lung injuries.

Meningoencephalitis and swallowing disorders.

Liver vesicles on the palate, gums, lips or tongue.

Infection of the nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis, etc.).

Infections of the eye (conjunctivitis, edema of eyelid and vesicles).

More information in our study conducted on the Herpes.

What are the symptoms of Chikungunya?

The symptoms of Chikungunya usually arise from one to twelve days after being infected by the disease. Its form of action is very similar to that of dengue, where high fever and joint pains may occur.

Among the symptoms that may occur are.

Muscular and headaches. High fevers, which can reach 40° Joint pains, including inflammation in these.

These symptoms are joined by others, such as.

Sickness. Rashes. Feeling tired and general malaise.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that there are cases where there are no symptoms, that is, it can be asymptomatic.

What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis?

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness where the white part of the eye or the inside of the eyelid becomes inflamed, and a sensation of loss of vision, such as a mild photophobia.

At the same time there is lachrymation, which results from the activation of defensive functions, conjunctival secretion, which can cause the eyes to stick together once the secretion has dried. Itching, pain and adenopathy (inflammation of the lymph nodes) are also frequent in case of conjunctivitis.

Finally, the discomfort of wearing contact lenses, inflammation or infection in the eyelid, which can cause redness in these, are symptoms of conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms of arrhythmia?

Arrhythmia is a condition that can present several symptoms, such as heart failure that occur when the heart begins to beat quickly, decreasing blood flow.

In the palpitations the person feels blows or overturning of the heart in the chest. To this is added the sensation of strong pulsations in the neck. At the same time a person may have dyspnea or fatigue, fatigue and weakness. Suffering from syncope is also possible, as is agony and polyuria.

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