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The eye pain it is a problem that may be due to different causes, among which are, being exposed to bright light or glare, or being stressed or tired.

A common disease today is eye pain, because many people spend hours in front of the screen of mobile phones and other digital devices.

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Although it is not considered a serious problem, it can be very annoying so it is normal to seek measures to counteract the symptoms.

Causes of eye pain

One of the most frequent causes of this disease is to look at the screen of digital devices. Other causes may be;

Stress and fatigue.

Vision problems.

Read without resting your eyes.

Strengthen the view with a very dim light.

Exposure to bright light or glare.

Spend long hours in high concentration activities.

Fortunately this disease does not have serious complications, beyond being irritating and very unpleasant. In addition to eliminating the ability to concentrate a person.

Natural remedies for eye pain

Next, we will give you a series of completely natural remedies, so that you can solve the pain in the eyes.

Hot compresses

In the first place of these treatments we find hot packs, ideal for cases of conjunctivitis. We can choose two options, the first is to dip a compress in hot water and apply it for several minutes.

The second is to make an infusion of chamomile sachets, and use water for compresses. It is important to note that chamomile has pistils that can enter the eyes, so it is recommended to use chamomile sachets. Otherwise, the situation may worsen.

Tea bag

In these cases we can use small bags of chamomiles or green tea, either will serve to calm the eye pain. In the case of chamomile, care should be taken, the most recommended is place a thin gauze on the eyes, then put the chamomile.


These flowers are from the family legumes, and it has properties that help treat eye infections. For its application we must;

Put water on to boil.

Add the caesalpinia leaves.

Remove from heat when it reaches its boiling point.

Let stand for about 5 minutes and strain the mixture.

Application. Use a cotton pad moistened with the mixture to wash the eyes, or place a compress with the mixture over our eyes.

Cold compresses

Like hot water compresses, using cold water compresses can serve as a treatment to relieve and improve eye pain. As in the first case we can use cold water, or a cold infusion.

In both cases we must moisten the compress, drain it and place it on our eyes for a couple of minutes.

How to prevent eye pain?

The best thing to prevent eye pain is to take care of our habits, especially if we work with computers as this causes eye pain.

In case of being in front of the computer for a long time we should take breaks, and avoid that our eyesight is constantly focused on the screen.

If contact lenses are used, care must also be taken to avoid eye infections which can cause eye pain. Finally, we must also avoid scratching and constantly touching the eyes.

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