How many types of sugar are there?

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Although many think otherwise, the truth is that there are many types of sugar, which although different have the same function, which is to give energy. Which, as we can imagine, can be later used to carry out different types of activities.

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What is sugar?

We use the term sugar to refer to different types of substances that have a sweetening power. They can be found naturally in food such as dairy and fruits. But we can also find it as an additive in different types of products.

Sugar's main function is to give us energy, but it can also have other purposes. For example, it has a sweetening power and also works as a preservative, being able to work in some fermentations.

What are the different types of sugar?

As we have mentioned there are different types of sugars, in this case we will focus on glucose, lactose, fructose, sucrose and maltose. In more details we can say that the different types of sugars that exist are;

· Fructose ; This is basically what can be found in vegetables and fruits. This is generally used as a sweetener for diabetics. Because it has a good sweetening potential, so syrups can be made with this sugar.

· Maltose ; Maltose is the one that occurs in barley grains and in foods such as beer. In this case we are talking about a type of sugar with a high glycemic index. However, it constitutes as a nutrient and sweetener, since it is an important part of starch and glycogen.

· Glucose ; In this case we are talking about a type of sugar that is found in fruits and honey. It is an abundant organic compound of nature. This type of sugar is one of the main energy fuels in the human body, and it can be found in the blood of animals.

· Sucrose ; This is the sugar that we used to sweeten food and can be found in nature in sugar cane. It is generally high on the glycemic index, so it raises blood glucose considerably.

· Lactose ; The last type of sugar is lactose, and it is the one found in milk. Thanks to this type of sugar, calcium absorption is achieved. But it also has a prebiotic effect that improves the intestinal flora. It is important to mention that for the absorption of this sugar the presence of the lactase enzyme is required.

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