Extreme diets

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If it is about extreme dieting, in the world some have already tried their luck with their own creations and feeding programs.

Human medicine and nutrition warn about the dangers of extreme diets, however, women mostly choose to do them to urgently lose a few kilos extra either for an event, for feeling good or for a nutritional habit.

Is list of extreme diets they will seem like a joke, but I must warn you, that many practice them and even dare to mention their own results and draw conclusions.

Top #8 The Forking diet:

This simply is based on eating foods that are taken only with a fork, that is, goodbye to any food with which you must use another covered, call spoon (soups, creams, yogurt) or knife (any food that depends on the use of this to cut or spread), and avoid completely in your diet foods that can be touched with the hands to be able to take them directly to the mouth.

The good thing about this diet is that you will save a lot of the part of washing the rest of the cutlery and dishes, however, as it is very restricted you will not have the nutrients you need.

Top #7 The grapefruit diet:

Grapefruit is the only food for two and a half months. Include water to this diet to keep you hydrated.

Remember that fruits and vegetables, although they have many vitamins are not enough nutrients for a good food plan.

Top #6 The reverse diet:

The idea of ​​this diet is that we try to take breakfast in this case as if it were the last meal of the day (which is where many people decide to consume many calories) and that consists in ingesting a good amount of nutrients completely, while in the first meal, which, in this case, would be the dinner, considerably reduce the amount of food we eat so we can sleep much better.

Top #5 The diet according to your blood group:

You will be completely obliged to only eat the available foods depending on the type of blood you have.

From the moment you start this diet you must first consider what your blood group is, so that you can take the structured diet for that specific blood type.

Top #4 The diet of the full moon:

This is undoubtedly one of the rarest and somewhat, and is about adapting food intake and even a fast of up to 26 hours before consuming only liquids before adding any other solid food according to the phases of the moon.

Top #3 The astral diet:

You will lose weight with a specific diet assigned according to your zodiac sign. Although many people do not believe in horoscopes, it is really confirmed that during a diet the psychological factor greatly influences us when we carry it out.

Top #2 The diet to break with laughter:

Definitely you will have fun with this diet and it is because, you will only need to laugh with desire so that you can begin to decrease sizes. Although it sounds really entertaining, at some point it will unleash a really atrocious hunger

Top #1 The diet of the air:

Undoubtedly, tops the list as the most extreme of all diets, and it is because, the only thing you will consume is in your imagination.

It is listed as one of the most dangerous, although this allows the intake of some liquids, such as water, is not something that we would choose as a diet due to the immense lack of nutrients that would unleash a huge amount of diseases (among them anorexia). Do not forget to read about Diets for celiacs.

So the best thing is that you forget this as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that a diet is to totally change your lifestyle to a much healthier than you had allowing you to get good results without resorting to such drastic measures.


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