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How to achieve true well-being?

Grecia De Flores
4 min read
How to achieve true well-being? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

At some point we have all asked ourselves this question, and it is that well-being is beyond the lack of discomfort. We all want to feel complete with all aspects of our life and with ourselves.

And it is precisely this desire that drives us to be better and to be better day by day with ourselves and with those around us.

We value well-being immensely, and indeed it is a central aspiration of the human being, but it is not a process that is simply given.

Being well is a consequence of our actions, so we will teach you more about what it is to be well and how to achieve it.

It is that sensation of fulfillment that we feel when we are pleased by the aspects that surround our life. It is also the impulse to continue living and doing activities that provide us with that feeling of happiness, comfort and fulfillment that we so desire.

Well-being includes several elements within itself such as the emotional one that refers to how we feel and manage those emotions.

The physical that refers to the way in which we take care of our body, and we not only lack disease but also have health.

And the social one that makes up all the other areas of human life such as work, interpersonal relationships, home, economic capacity, etc. Let's learn a little more about the implications of emotional or psychological and physical well-being below.

What is psychological well-being?

According to psychologist Carol Ryff, well -being is a broad concept that includes several elements that make people feel good.

The first element is self- acceptance, this refers to those feelings we have in relation to ourselves and our characteristics, both positive and negative.

Those people who accept their past and present have more self-acceptance and therefore more positive attitudes towards themselves than those who avoid or deny their past and negative characteristics.

The second element comprises positive relationships that refer to having quality relationships with important people who can be counted on and developed into a loving and supportive relationship.

These people can trust and have quality and satisfactory relationships unlike those who do not trust and do not have the support of others. We find that the third element is the purpose of life or the meaning that a person gives to their own existence.

Human beings need to feel that they have a purpose to feel good and based on that they set goals and feel good about their achievements. People who do not set goals feel that their life is meaningless and that there is no purpose behind them.

Personal growth is the fourth element described, people who work on their learning and if personal quality have greater well-being than those who ignore their negative attributes and do not strive to be better people.

Those who take advantage of their abilities and talents develop their potential and grow as individuals.

Autonomy is the fifth element and refers to the power that people have over themselves and their actions that give them a sense of control and allow them to change the course of their action if they wish.

People who feel autonomous make their decisions for themselves and feel well-being as a consequence, unlike those people who let others decide on the course of their action, bringing with it the feeling of dissatisfaction.

And finally, the domain of the environment proposes that those people who are capable of managing their environment to take advantage of it and achieve their goals feel more satisfied than those who feel they are not in control of it.

What is physical wellness?

We call physical goods that feeling of fullness obtained from good physical and nutritional habits. When our body is in perfect condition and all organs are healthy, our physical qualities are fully functional.

If we want to enjoy good physical health, it is important to stop being sedentary, as this can negatively affect our physical and mental well-being.

And attending a sports center on a regular basis or doing sports at home or in a park, even going for a half hour walk every day and taking care of your diet will help you achieve physical well -being.

Establish routines to maintain a physically and psychologically healthy lifestyle that become your lifestyle habits and make you feel full and well-being.