How to fight obesity

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According to recent research by the MCKinsey Global Institute (MGI), approximately two million individuals on the planet have obesity problems, this without leaving aside the amount of people who sometimes die because of this problem.

So too, research has predicted that if the obesity rate continues to rise, within a few years, half of the planet will be obese. On the other hand, developed countries such as the United States today have a high percentage of obese people.

How to fight obesity – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

In the development of this article some recommendations are given to maintain a healthier state of health that allows to lead a healthy life. These are:

Doing physical activity

As many times as possible, exercise; For example, park the car, get off a few blocks away from the intended site, with the intention of walking it.

Drink plenty of water

Water helps the body a lot and intervenes in many important processes of the body, taking more than eight glasses a day is highly recommended because it reduces the anxiety to eat

Try not to consume very sugary or soft drinks like soft drinks. It is better to drink water or failing juices of natural juice.

Know how much you weigh and how much you should weigh according to size

It is recommended that people start from a pre-established weight to know if they are overweight or not according to their height, this will make you create an alert when it comes to knowing if you are gaining weight without noticing, so you can take care not to do so.

Eat little red meat

You choose white meats that are healthier, because it does not contain many fats, such as fish, chicken, poultry, among others.

Eat in controlled portions

A nutritionist is the best person to recommend how many servings you will have to consume.

Eat slow

Chewing food very well will give a little time for you to eat more slowly. This is not only ideal, but it should be done so that the food is better processed and its digestion becomes easier.

Another way to gain time is by placing the cutlery in the individual each time you take a bite.

How to fight obesity – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Choose healthy foods

You have to know how to discern which foods are adequate and do not cause damage and which ones can get fat if consumed, for this it is recommended to carry out a previous investigation.

Avoid eating stressed

There are many people who when they have stress eat a lot because of the anxiety that this produces in their body, if this is the case, avoid doing it. Relax first and then choose to eat something, it's the best.

Fall in love with baked or steamed foods instead of fried foods

It is important to always remember that when there are fried foods the arteries become clogged and this causes the fat to accumulate, the roast is more healthy

Choose natural salads without dressing

Healthy salads without natural fats or with lemon are preferable, and finally, some recommended foods to lose weight are; Quinoa, beans, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, red fruits, spinach, dark chocolate, nuts, among others.

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Cómo combatir la obesidad
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