Itching when urinating

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The stinging or pain when urinating is a disease commonly more frequent in women, than in men. This, because the urinary conduit of women is more cut than that of man and because of this, is more predisposed to be a victim of bacterial agents that produce infections.

What is stinging when urinating?

Itching when urinating – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This discomfort is shown by the difficulty to evacuate the urine and is usually accompanied by stinging, which is burning or urination and urination.

It is normal to have discomfort in the person who has it such as going frequently to the bathroom without being able to urinate, or doing it but repeatedly excreting very little urine. In addition, there is leakage of urine and repeated pains in the lower abdomen.

There are usually cases in which the urine is darker than normal, or that the urine has strong unpleasant odors with the presence of blood in it.

Usually the cases of stinging usually occur due to infections in the urine, although in many cases they can also be indications of other both urinary and gynecological problems.

This urinary problem is also known as dysuria, because they are the terms used by health professionals specialized in the subject, to refer to the discomfort that a patient presents when urinating.

It is to be suggested that when you feel some of these discomforts go to the doctor quickly, so that you determine the cause of your problem and in this way can send you a treatment.

Itching when urinating on men

Itching when urinating – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Infections in the urine not only affect women, men can also present them and therefore we must know what are the reasons why they can cause it.

They tend to occur more in young men in% of 2 or 3 percent; and may become more frequent in the presence of a prostate volume, which occurs between 45 or 50 years of age, the treatments for itching in men are much longer and more complex.

Cases of urinary tract infections in men have more incidence in men of the age of 50 years for benign prostatic disease. And cases increase in men with diabetes, urinary catheter carriers among others.

Active sexual activity in younger men predisposes them to suffer from this disease, because in the contact of the intimate fluids without having protection, you can expose them to bacteria such as Chlamydia trachomatis, contaminating your urethra, which is the tube through which urine is expelled.

In many occasions, a person can have these bacteria without presenting symptoms and infect it in the same way to his sexual partner without even knowing it.

It is also common in men who have anal sex and who do not have circumcision, since the skin covering the penis can be a breeding ground for potentially infectious bacteria.

The most frequent causes for Chlamydia trachomatis infections are: have unprotected sex (condom) or have more than one partner.

The symptoms that men with stinging present can be:


Pain and stinging when urinating.

— Bad smell in the urine.

— Darker color or presence of blood in the urine.

— Fever.

— General discomfort.

— Feeling of weight in the anus and genitals.


— Disorders in ejaculation.

— Blood in the semen.

— Pain in the genitals.

— Voiding impossibility.

Itching when urinating on the woman

Itching when urinating – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

It affects women of any age and is usually quite annoying and unpleasant, the most common causes in women to have itching is by bacterial agents, vaginal fungi or sexually transmitted diseases.

Other causes can be presented such as: the use of tight clothing, unhealthy hygiene, underwear in lycra, use of perfumed soaps among others. Another cause could be an infection in the bladder, which is known as cystitis.

The patient who suffers from this burning when urinating usually has the following symptoms:

— Burning.

— Pain when urinating (urethral orifice) minus frequency in the bladder.

— Vaginal inflammation (around the vaginal opening).

— Fevers.

— Lumbar pain.

— Immune system disorders.

Women should go to the doctor when they are pregnant or suffer from immune system disorders, because in these cases the safety of the patient who owns it is more delicate.

When going to the doctor, he will determine that he generates the patient the discomfort and treat them with antibiotics, and he will suggest the consumption of water to help your body to expel the pathogens to leave the body faster.

But if the pain and itching at urination is caused by stones in the bladder and urethra, the doctor removes them through an endoscopy. This is done according to the size of the stones. If they are very large, it is necessary to perform a surgical intervention.

And if this is caused by tumors or sexually transmitted diseases, the doctor will determine what treatment to perform.

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