How to lower stress levels in children?

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Today stress attacks everyone equally; because both adults and children face a constantly changing world where they are exposed to contradictory and adverse situations.

Children are involved in hectic life, that their parents live and without realizing themselves are exposed to generate levels of stress.

How to lower stress levels in children? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The response that a child presents to stressful situations depends in a certain way on the factors or elements that are immersed in them, on how it was interpreted, what caused it and on the resources that are in hand to face it.

A recommendation when this case is presented in children is; that parents help avoid, anticipate and overcome the situation supporting him with new tools that allow him to see it from another point of view.

One of the tools that can be used to teach them from another perspective is with the following steps:

1.- Preparation: saying phrases like you can do it, do not be afraid to face it.

2.- Confrontation: Try to do it in an organized way and little by little, "if you need support ask for it", "from other worse circumstances you have left".

3.-Face the fear: Take a deep breath, try to relax, and start again attentive to what you owe.

4.- Anticipate positive consequences: "You know that if you achieve it with excellence".

5.- Reinforce success: congratulations that good, test passed, you saw that if you can.

Some strategic ways for children to manage stress are:

• Provides for events that generate stress in the child, anticipate when you have to face a significant lifestyle change, such as; change of house, school, nationality. Among others.

How to lower stress levels in children? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

• Let him see that there is another approach to the situation he had not thought of, showing him that there may be a better way to channel the problem.

• You must be an example for the self-control in situations that generate stress. Children are like sponges that absorb both the good and the bad, try to always be a mirror where the best way of doing things is reflected.

• It is important to be taught to keep a good distribution of time, serves as a guide to avoid falling into despair to be engaged to so many activities. It will be beneficial if you have time to have fun in what you like.

• There must always be discipline and personal hygiene induced by good hygiene habits, food, exercise and sleep.

• If the degree of stress is uncontrollable it will be propitious to have the help of a psychologist to channel it in a more professional way.

• Make healthy comparisons with children who are contemporaries with him and how they have reacted to a similar stressful situation, do it with great care and tact so that he does not feel intimidated

Information revealed by the specialist, psychiatrist Miguel Ángel Jiménez, revealed that this disease or pathology will be revealed in many aspects of life both emotionally and physically.

So with your support you can get over it or control it.

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