Human worms: symptoms and treatment

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Despite the intensive development of medical and diagnostic technologies, as well as the living standards of people, intestinal parasites, which have increased significantly, they penetrate deep into the human body and live there for years, extracting all the games and poisoning them with toxins.

Human worms: symptoms and treatment – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Particularly susceptible to several worms children, hunters and fishermen.

The danger of finding worms in humans is that their symptoms are usually blurred, that is, disguised as other diseases of the digestive system or the liver.

And the etiology of many diseases that affect a person can be hidden precisely in the presence of a worm infestation.

The most common cause of worms in humans are the following points:

• when a person comes in contact with water or soil, where there are helminth eggs, which came along with the feces.

• in contact with animals infected with helminths.

• when the flies are transferred to the food of the worm eggs.

• With insect bites.

In addition, the worms are transmitted through the dirty hands of their wearer, who, after scratching the itchy places, take the handles of the doors of the interior doors, plates, clothes and food products in their bodies.

Human worms: symptoms and treatment – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

No less common is the propagation of helminth eggs by flies in the summer.

Children are particularly susceptible to worms, they often lift objects from the ground, put them in their mouths and contact infected pets.

What are the symptoms of worms in humans?

To suspect that the presence of worms in humans may be in pale skin, haggard appearance and sudden weight loss.

The carrier of the worms can alert about the characteristic itching in the anus. It is itching the places where these parasites lay their eggs.

The patient combs these places and then collects the food, which increases the presence of their adult individuals in their bodies.

In addition, indirectly allude to the fact that worms exist in humans can the following disorders in the body:

• Problems in the gastrointestinal system: frequent chair disorders, nausea, flatulence, abdominal pain;

• Nervous system disorders: frequent migraine, joint pain, subfebrile temperature;

• manifestations of allergy — hives, cracks in the heels, a bump of nails, rhinitis and allergic etiology cough;

• malaise: chronic fatigue, irritability, sleep disorders;

• Reduced immunity.

It is assumed that science has not shown that grinding teeth in a dream and snoring is a sign of worms in humans.

Human worms: symptoms and treatment – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

How to cure worms in humans?

Currently, the arsenal of modern medicine has several effective agents for the treatment of helminthic invasion.

When detecting signs of their presence, it is necessary to go to the specialist face to face and pass the necessary tests.

If laboratory tests confirm that a person's worms are available, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment.

Given the preparations of the worms are quite toxic, the following factors are taken into account to select an effective and safe drug:

• Exactly what parasites are found;

• age of the patient;

• Patient's weight.

As a folk remedy, for the treatment of worms in humans, tansy grass and pumpkin seeds are well-established.

However, lpopular remedies will only be effective with complex treatment with medications prescribed by a specialist.