What is Taenia saginata?

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The Taenia saginata (tapeworm), also known as Taenia solium, is an infection caused by the had a type of parasite. He had been very small types of parasites, which adhere to living beings in order to live.

Taenia is frequently found in contaminated food and water. If a person consumes food or baby from contaminated water, they can contract this infection, which can live, grow, develop, and reproduce within their body.

Taeniasis is an infection in the intestine that is caused by it. this parasite can also be easily transmitted, through infected beef or pork.

The eggs of these parasites take time to mature in about a couple of months. Then they become adult worms, and can live in the body for several years. Tapeworm is usually made up of one or two adult parasites.

Taenia is present all over the world, but especially in the livestock areas of Africa, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Treatment for Taenia saginata

Taenia is characterized by mild symptoms, what happens after 7 weeks of ingestion of the parasite. Symptoms may include nausea, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea or constipation. These symptoms remain, until with the treatments the parasite dies.

The incubation time of taeniasis varies depending on the type of person, some people more resistant than others. There is data of infected people, where those who the symptoms can remain for several years. The location of the parasite where the patient needs more attention is that of the brain.

Other symptoms of this infection are some inflammatory reactions; including chronic headaches, loss of sight, and dizziness. In very serious cases taeniasis can be fatal, cases have been reported in Brazil and the United States.

The treatment of taeniasis includes the administration of praziquantel or niclosamide. Doctors recommend taking these medications, after a light breakfast. Other medicines that doctors usually prescribe are; taking albendazole and metronidazole.

How is Taenia saginata transmitted?

Tapeworm is caused mainly by three species, where does your contagion come from:

The pork taenia (taenia solium).

The taenia of beef (taenia saginata)

Asian taenia.

People are usually infected with Asian taenia or taenia saginata, when they consume infected beef or pork. This happens when these foods are not cooked properly.

The transmission of taenia solium, it occurs when people eat poorly cooked and infected pork. People who become infected with taenia solium usually do not go through serious symptoms.

However, if it does cause an infection in the tissues, what is known as human cysticercosis, this can have serious effects on human health. This leads to develop in the skin of the central nervous system (brain), and this infection is called neurocysticercosis.

The symptoms of this infection produce a severe headache, loss of sight, dizziness, and attacks of epilepsy that can be lethal. Neurocysticercosis is known as the most frequent cause of epilepsy in the world.

Taenia mainly affects agricultural farms in the communities of the underdeveloped countries. This results in the loss of many beef and pork meats.

Most traders lose it, since they tend to lower its price in the market. This disease easily travels in animals, and makes the meat is not suitable for consumption.

Taenia is one of the main tropical infections forgotten, from the year 2000 to the present. Health organizations have collaborated with strategies for the control and elimination of this parasite, in order to eradicate it in certain countries.


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