Knee Dislocations

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When we talk about a knee dislocation, we must know why it occurs since it is a very painful condition in the components of the joint. So it is necessary to treat it correctly, to avoid long-term problems.

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What is a dislocated knee?

If we talk about a dislocation we refer to an injury where a joint moves or separates. With this in mind we can say that knee dislocation is a condition where the femur and tibia they separate from their natural position.

When it comes to a knee dislocation, we must bear in mind that, in most cases, the parts that are mostly affected are the bone areas.

Although the aforementioned is true, we must take into account if other areas were affected. For example, blood vessels, like other body areas.

Symptoms of knee dislocation

As with other complications, dislocation of the knees can cause a series of symptoms that help detect this condition. Among the symptoms, we can name the following,

Tingling sensation.

Sensitivity or numbness.

Hematomas in the affected areas.

Joint pain or discomfort.

Deformation in the affected joints.

Inflammation in the affected areas, that is, where knee dislocation occurs.

Causes of a knee dislocation

When it comes to a knee dislocation, we can say that the factors that favor a dislocation in any bone area of ​​the body are,


If you suffer from any joint trauma, it is achieved that there is a dislocation. At the same time in terms of intensity and location, this may vary.

The frequent thing in these cases is that the sportsmen suffer it. Although it can also occur in the workplace and domestic.


Poor circulation can also contribute to a dislocated knee. However, we must say, when there is bad circulation, is already talking about an injury, or being more prone to them.

Congenital alterations

In this case the risk of developing dislocations, from birth is greater. Therefore, we can say that the risk to these alterations increases.

Bad support or forced movement

As we can deduce with his name, this type of disorders is caused by poor support, involuntary movements, sudden movements, among other causes.

Speaking of the causes of dislocations, we can point out that the lesions can be sudden or recurrent. If it comes to being sudden, we can say that it is the first one that a person presents, and it can become serious.

As for relapses, they are those that have been suffered in the past. There are other dislocations such as those that are common, and those that are characterized by the movement of the tibia with respect to the femur.

Knee dislocation treatment

When it comes to a dislocation we can say that one of the most effective treatments that exist is physiotherapy.

Obviously you should try to control the signs of inflammation, which is achieved through rest, ice application, and leg elevation. You should also see a doctor, it is best to do so at the time of dislocation, so you can give a treatment.

The use of anti-inflammatory prescribed by the doctor, they are also indispensable, as these will reduce pain and inflammation.

Returning to the topic of physiotherapy as a treatment, we can say that this varies according to the injury and the severity of it. But in most cases, with it we can reposition the knee components in their original position.

It is important to highlight that when the injury is very serious, a surgical intervention must be carried out. Which, after the rest period is accompanied by rehabilitation exercises.

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