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Learn to recognize toxic people so that you can keep them away from you

Grecia De Flores
5 min read

Nowadays, it has become popular to say that someone else is or has toxic behaviors, but what does this mean?

We refer to toxic people when we speak of those who do not add more than negativity to our lives.

With which we are no longer compatible and are delaying our growth, in these cases it is best to distance ourselves and prioritize our mental health.

A person may not be toxic to everyone, or all of the time, however, if their company actually hurts you, this person is toxic to you.

Sometimes we want to generalize the behaviors to everyone, and we cannot distinguish that people do not necessarily have to be bad or good, in fact, they are not, they are full of a wide range of emotions, behaviors and characteristics that distinguish them.

That is why it is important to reconsider our beliefs about others, and look for how we feel around those around us, and what could be the origin of these feelings, to identify what does us good and what or who does not.

Learn to recognize toxic people so that you can keep them away from you
Toxic people

Can you recognize a toxic person? Take these points into account

As we said before, it is important that you recognize in yourself how these people make you feel in order to identify what toxic people are like.

  • People with toxic behaviors often hold you responsible for everything that is wrong, in them or in the situation.

  • They tend not to recognize their own actions as wrong, on the contrary seek to hold others responsible for their own consequences.

  • They seek to undermine your self-esteem with hurtful subtleties that make you feel bad.

  • It makes you uneasy to be with them, the conversation tends to focus on negative aspects of others or situations, you feel that everything is negative around them and when you finish the conversation you are left with a feeling of exhaustion.

  • They are egocentric, usually all the attention is diverted towards themselves, they are the central focus of all conversations and your feelings or experiences become second place, when you communicate them, since they turn the conversation to redirect it towards them.

  • They frequently criticize others in front of you and pretend that you criticize them too. This makes you doubt if he has the same behavior towards you with others.

  • They become the victim in situations in which others are affected, they seek not to take responsibility for their actions, and they victimize themselves to obtain attention and avoid responsibility.

This is another way of constantly being the focus of attention, with multiple events seemingly affecting them.

Lack of structured goals, most of the time they seem to be guided by impulses and the eventuality of the environment rather than by structured plans that lead them to some objective.

How can this affect our relationships?

Toxic people can face different roles within our social circle, it can be a friend, partner or family member. However, they all affect the way in which we relate, since they try to absorb our energy and leave us without desire.

When we try to establish new and healthy relationships, these people seek to be the center of our attention, and devalue that other friendship.

Being immersed in a negative relationship affects our levels of self-esteem, independence, and self-esteem.

How to get out of the toxic circle?

Leaving these people is difficult, as they will make you feel guilty for prioritizing your health, but it is not impossible. We generally have the desire to be on good terms with people, but in these cases it is not always possible.

Although it is favorable to communicate your emotions to that person and clarify that their objectives are no longer aligned, and you feel that they do not bring well-being to their life.

Toxic people will not receive it that way, so it is likely that they will try to make you feel bad about your decision so that you return to that toxic circle that would benefit it. However, it is vital that you prioritize your mental health and your desire to grow and improve over what this person says.

Try to cut all communication and remember that it is for your good.

Toxic people have characteristics that can envelop anyone at first. It is very common not to know in what comment a relationship that seemed so healthy began to take harmful.

Don't worry, this can happen to anyone, so it is important that you stay in touch with how you feel in order to deal with these situations and make the best decisions for you.

It is also beneficial to recognize those characteristics that annoy us in others that perhaps is a reflection of our own characteristics.

That is, we do not always identify the behaviors that we criticize in others when we also have them, so reviewing our actions and trying to locate the origin of our feelings is part of our personal growth and mental health.