Liver diseases

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They are associated with this type of diseases, all those pathologies that have an intimate relation with the affections, that do not allow the liver to perform its function in a normaly way.

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Yellow skin.

It is important to note that when you are in the presence of symptoms such as; Eyes and yellowish skin, or constant abdominal pains, it can be said that the person or individual is manifesting some disease related to the liver.

In the development of this article information about some liver diseases is shared, in such a way that we can be alert to a possible indication, but it will always be necessary to consult a specialist, if you have any of the symptoms to identify it better. The most known or frequent ones are listed below:


It is usually the beginning of being suffering from liver disease, pathology that appears with a strong yellow color in almost all the skin, especially notaria in the eyes just in the white part, also the urine of the person becomes yellowish due to the excess of bilirubin found in the bloodstream.

Enlargement of the liver

This is considered the second determinant of liver disease, and generally present with general abdominal discomfort and fullness.

Portal hypertension

The portal vein is responsible for filling the liver with blood from the intestine to the spleen; this is why this is a process that consists of hypertension in the portal vein, usually occurs when there is a rise in tension or hypertension.

This type of hypertension makes it possible to form new blood vessels that divert normal circulation, not allowing the liver to carry out its filtration in a normaly manner, which causes it to pass directly to other parts of the body's functioning.


It has to do with all the pathologies that cause the bile flow to decrease, obstructing its normal functioning.

The ascites

This pathology manifests when fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity due to loss of it. Ascites usually occurs in the company of portal hypertension, and manifests itself with difficulties in maintaining respiration, resulting in diseases such as: hepatic vein obstruction, alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

Hepatic encephalopathy

It is manifested when toxic substances in the blood, there is a wear of the nervous system due to malfunction or impairment of brain functions.

Liver failure

Normally, hepatic insufficiency is a product of the loss or deterioration of an important part of the liver.

Viral hepatitis

When you are in the presence of hepatitis it is because the liver has become inflamed. And this can be due to a viral infection, high levels of alcohol in the blood, or excess fat.

There are several types of hepatitis that range from A to E and their degree of affection goes according to the assigned letter.

There are many others such as: Amoebic liver abscess, Cirrhosis, Carcinoma, autoimmune, Biliary atresia, Coccidioidomycosis, Hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease, hepatocellular, Reye's syndrome, and Sclerosing cholangitis.

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Enfermedades hepáticas
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