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Mindfulness for Moms: How Can You Relax at Home?

Grecia De Flores
4 min read
Mindfulness for Moms: How Can You Relax at Home? – Wellness and Health
Mindfulness for moms

This is a practice that consists of experiencing mindfulness in the present, usually when we do activities we do it automatically while our head thinks about other things.

Mindfulness is committed to working those burdens that we carry with us on a day-to-day basis. Mothers especially take on many responsibilities, with little or no time left for them.

It is important that we keep our minds healthy so that we can be healthy and take better care of children.

Why avoid stress at home?

Mindfulness for Moms: How Can You Relax at Home? – Wellness and Health
Stress in houses

Busy routines, children, cooking, cleaning and endless chores are the day to day of mothers at home, so it is very common for them to feel stressed easily.

However, high levels of stress are harmful to health, and do not allow us to take proper care of children.

When we are under stress, the brain produces a chemical called cortisol, this is responsible for keeping us alert to danger, its function is adaptive, but in everyday life and at high levels it is harmful.

High levels of cortisol can lead to a decrease in the levels of serotonin, the substance responsible for the feeling of joy.

Another adverse consequence of stress is that when we feel tired and overwhelmed, we do not have the patience to deal with conflicts that arise with children in everyday life, and we are more prone to irritability.

What can lead to an inappropriate reaction to children, the environment or ourselves, it is vital to keep stress levels under control so that our body and body remain healthy.

Mindfulness for Moms: How Can You Relax at Home? – Wellness and Health
Mindfulness for moms

They establish routines and leave the children to dad

Not all responsibility has to be in the hands of the mother, parents are very capable of taking over responsibilities within daily tasks.

Organize routines in which you allow yourself to have time for yourself and connect with yourself as a woman and a person.

Delegate responsibilities to the father, who is an active participant in the routine and both home and parental responsibilities.

They can organize activities with the children in which the parents bond, while you have your time to relax and enjoy.

Relaxation exercises for breasts

1. Mindful shower ritual

Self-care tasks are extremely necessary to keep our mind healthy, we invite you to make the shower a conscious moment in which you are able to feel your body and the process.

Enjoy the sensation, the smells and connect with yourself and with your body, put your thoughts aside and live at the moment.

2. Take care of the plants

This opportunity is perfect to elevate the experience of caring for your plants to a higher level by feeling the connection with nature.

How you give life by watering it and how it is reciprocal by returning oxygen, be part of the experience of feeling part of the nature that surrounds you, in connection with it with you and with the moment.

You can also talk to them, this is very beneficial for plants and will help you connect with your emotions.

3. Prioritize

Do not leave aside who you are as a person, as a woman and as an individual with their different roles. Stay connected to your personal goals and objectives and consciously plan the steps to achieve those things you want.

Organize calendars with your goals for the week or the month, in a conscious way and living the experience, concentrated, calm and thinking about the kind objective of each task.

4. Housework

Doing housework with full concentration makes it an informal meditation practice, keep an eye on your body, its sensations and the activity that you are doing fully.

5. Listen carefully

Take a moment to call a friend and listen to her attentively, without judgment in your head, just share that moment with her and feel the connection.

6. Connect with your partner

Hug your partner and feel their breathing, how it resembles or differs from yours, feel their body, their embrace in a conscious and full way, connect in an intimate sense.

7. Be grateful

You can incorporate the practice of keeping a thank-you notebook in which you write down at least one thing for which you are grateful for the day. This will make you see that even on those days when everything seems to be going wrong there are good things to be thankful for, these can be the simplest things that we sometimes overlook.

Mindfulness is a fantastic practice that can transform any activity into a moment of fulfillment without having to go far from home, live in the present moment and treasure your connection with yourself.