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No one should die of cancer

Tips to prevent Cancer

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(1). The first step is to stop the consumption of all sugar, when there is no sugar in the body, cancer cells die naturally.

(2). A glass of lemon juice mixed with hot water and cancer cells will decrease after about a month, drinking hot lemon juice can prevent Cancer. The result of a study conducted at the University of Maryland, natural medicine is 1000 times better than chemicals.

(3). The third step is to reduce the risk of cancer by using three tablespoons of organic coconut oil in the morning and evening. You can apply both treatments to prevent sugar:

  • Yellow and purple potatoes prevent cancer.

  • Drinking often can increase the chance of stomach cancer.

  • Never eat more than four eggs a week, never eat fruits after meals, we need to eat them before eating.

  • Let's not drink tea during menstruation.

(4). Drink a glass of water in the morning before eating to protect against fatigue.

(5). Never eat three hours before sleeping.

(6). Avoiding water can lead to diabetes and hypertension. The main point of nutrition should be a lot of water consumption.

(7). Keep the phone away from you in the dream.

(8). You need to consume fewer oils, digestion lasts 5 to 7 hours, it makes you feel more tired.

(9). Eat less after 5pm.

(10). Sleeping less than 8 hours a day breaks brain function. Half an hour break in the afternoon can look younger.

(eleven). Hot lemon juice kills cancer cells, hot juice improves our quality of life and allows us to live longer, I added 2 or 3 slices of lemon to the water for you to consume the daily drink, cold lemon juice contains only vitamin C, it prevents pressure, hot lemon juice prevents cancer tumors from growing, chemical tests proved that lemon juice works, treatment with such lemon only destroys devil cells, does not affect healthy cells. (12). Next...

  • Lemon and lemon pickles, lemon juice, prevent deep vascular thrombosis, in addition to reducing high blood pressure, regulate blood circulation and reduce blood clot.

  • Protect your own health and inform the surrounding people.

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