Obesity in children

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what does obesity mean in children? According to specialists in childhood obesity, they are nothing more than passing access in children, is a pathology of care because it reaches high alert standards in children and teenagers.

Obesity in children – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Obese people are usually prone to suffer many diseases derived from excess fat, which alters the metabolism resulting in even more complicated pathologies. In the case of children it is very controversial and worrisome.

Reasons why obesity happens in children

When a child is obese, he indicates that for his age and their weight is not normal, according to the established medical tables and this makes them start from small to have serious health problems and be more prone to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, tension problems among others, derivatives of excess of fat or weight in your body.

Not only childhood obesity is a health problem, but also aesthetic because the adolescent child feels despised, separated and in some cases falls into severe depression due to lack of self-esteem.

Remember that what you sow as a child will be harvested in the future and if you start being obese as a child, when you reach adulthood there will be a greater risk of being an obese person.

For this and many other reasons it is important to control the feeding of the child or adolescent from the beginning and even more so when it is a child who is already in a condition of fat and obesity.

Another way to improve this condition is with family physical activity and doing extra sports such as swimming, soccer, baseball, among others.

Causes of obesity

There are causes of hereditary type but in most cases, the main cause of the problem of childhood obesity is due to the way you live, added to the eating habits and the little physical activity

Symptoms of obesity in children

It is important, be aware of the possible causes and not confuse them with other kilograms, because there are certain children who are of coarse texture because they have a larger body mass than others. As there are also some that are increasing as they grow.

It is for this reason that it is best to take the child to a pediatrician to weigh, measure and determine according to the controls and family history if you are or not presenting obesity problems.

Obesity in children – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Prevention of obesity in children

Some tips and recommendations to maintain a child's weight are:

• Supplement the diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

• Perform annual check-ups.

• Do not consume excess sugary drinks

• Spend less hours on TV or PC

• Do family exercises such as hiking, fun games in the park, swimming, among others.

• Eat at home and avoid junk foods; hot dogs, empanadas, among others.

Remember that the most important thing is that we parents are always attentive to the feeding of children, and how they grow up healthy and healthy, childhood obesity is a problem that can be prevented and controlled if you work in conjunction with the doctor in order to achieve a favorable result for both in the shortest possible time.

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Obesidad en niños
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