Prostate cancer

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The specific reason why prostate cancer occurs is still unknown. What is known is that it is very common in most men. The prostate is the male reproductive sex gland and is located under the bladder.

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Prostate cancer is very easy to detect, and with a constant annual medical checkup can be diagnosed early. This makes it much easier to eliminate and avoid extending to death.

Factors that cause prostate cancer

• Genetic factors: the only coincidence found through medical studies with prostate cancer and genetics is in a specific gene found on chromosome 1, also known as the HPC-1 gene. It has been determined that the presence of this gene increases the chances of developing prostate cancer.

• Hormonal factors: these depend on the dependence on androgenic hormones or also called male hormones. It has also been shown that this type of cancer can be induced through both male and female hormones.

• Environmental factors: changes in residence, greatly affect the type of food, type of environment, climate, exposure to industrial and urban pollution, fertilizers, among other agents that influence the development of this cancer.

• Infectious agents: in addition to all the external factors, there are studies that have proven that all those infectious agents that are transmitted through sexual relations can be a great factor in the development of prostate cancer.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

• Urinary urgency

• Increased frequency of urine

• Pain during urination

• Decrease or delay to expel urine

• Post-void drip

• Feeling of not emptying the bladder completely.

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