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The truth about foods to gain muscle mass

Ramiro Guzman
6 min read
The truth about foods to gain muscle mass – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Currently, there are many diets based on foods responsible for gaining muscle mass

Today the foods to gain muscle mass effectively are well identified. However, there is a false belief that they are miraculous, leaving aside discipline and perseverance.

Foods to increase muscle mass by themselves are harmless if a good diet is not followed. At the same time, they need to be combined with coordinated exercise, good sleep and other factors.

Diet plan to gain muscle mass

Starting to eat foods for muscle gain has to be a coordinated activity. To do this, the help of a nutritional health professional who will put together a good eating plan is advisable. Even so, it is easy to recognize the pyramid that will support it.

The foods that I will name below are not the most important, but they are effective for increasing muscle mass.


Lean chicken meat, specifically the famous "breast", is known to provide ample protein. Implementing it at lunch and dinner with appropriate intervals will facilitate muscle hypertrophy in the medium term.

Lean beef

Like chicken, lean beef without too much processing puts a good percentage of protein on the table, transfers a favorable amount of iron to the body.


Food from the sea plays a leading role as food for hypertrophy. Salmon in particular provides high levels of protein and omega-3, an essential fatty acid. This decreases circulatory problems and prevents excessive muscle loss.


Eggs are the perfect combination of protein and essential fatty acids. Well cooked, they are innocuous as far as cholesterol is concerned and progressively enhance the acquisition of muscle.


Beans, lentils and other grains greatly benefit the diet. They also protect an ideal balance between proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats.

As an additive, they provide minerals and vitamins required for the physiological processes of the body.

Fruits, nuts, vegetables and greens

The composition of these foods is essential to meet daily caloric requirements.

They are the exceptional complement to each dish, adding both micro and macronutrients of high food quality.

Whole grains

Whole grain is understood as any food that is based on complex carbohydrates.

Rice, pasta and oatmeal are a typical sample of this food group. With them, a weight meal is also added to optimize and support training.

Dairy products

Dairy, especially milk itself, is a huge contribution of fats and proteins.

The famous "whey protein" with which supplements such as Whey Protein are supported is separated from it. However, they must be regulated by the specialized view of a nutritionist.

The nutritional pillars to gain muscle

Increasing muscle mass is the final calculation of several factors that involve diet and exercise. At the same time, they are methods that, well-structured, can make the most of the situation.

The truth about foods to gain muscle mass – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Through the nutritional pillars the human body will be able to advance satisfactorily

In parallel, the most important today are called nutritional pillars. A series of practices that will allow excellent consumption of the previously described foods and complement them with healthy habits to openly progress.

  1. Repetition of meals: great characters in the field such as Dwanye Johnson (The Rock) have expressed the relevance of daily meals. The optimal range is established between 5 and 6 batches with balanced dishes that favor the basal metabolism.

  2. Exclusion of junk food: key point that will focus better attention and uptake of essential nutrients obtained by a balanced diet. The less junk food consumed, the better the body's response to a good diet.

  3. Hydration: Although meals are important, the human body cannot function without its daily water requirements. With a good fluid replacement process, electrolyte loss is buffered, and good function is maintained throughout training.

  4. Strategic feeding: refers to a good choice of implements to put together a nutritional plan. From strict complex carbohydrates, to the intake of lean meats essentially.

A strategic diet prevents excessive fat accumulation. Complex carbohydrates do not drastically raise blood glucose levels, being better tolerated by the metabolism.

Benefits of healthy food and foods to gain muscle mass

They add strength to the day to day

Healthy food is characterized by providing not only macro and micronutrients, but also vitamins and minerals. Substances that are used by cells to maximize a variety of physiological processes that strengthen the daily routine.

Protection against infectious diseases

They strengthen the functions of immune cells and promote the rapid creation of antibodies. Therefore, it is convenient to prioritize a good diet to be free of limiting pathologies.

Prevents constipation and other gastrointestinal conditions

With the balanced diet, commensurate levels of relevant probiotics are consumed in dairy products. As an annex, fiber is also another component that is obtained at the expense of this nutritional practice.

The truth about foods to gain muscle mass – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Constipation and other complications can be avoided just by adopting better eating habits

The two elements mentioned are likely to prevent gastrointestinal conditions. In other words, say goodbye to constipation and other bad conditions.

Strengthens neural connections in the brain

It is scientifically proven that omega-3, an essential fatty acid, also acts in the brain. This element is acquired through fish and other nuts of great nutritional value.

In the long term, they reduce memory deficits and deterioration, as well as concentration problems. At the end of the day, it translates into an exponential increase in brain performance due to a fortification of neural connections.

It hinders the appearance of certain types of cancer

Cancer is the most varied and deadly disease that exists today. It is a multifactorial pathology in which poor nutrition plays an antagonistic role in health.

Through healthy nutritional plans with balanced meals, several types of cancer are prevented. Recently, the study that emphasizes the benefit of mushrooms in the hormonal control of estrogen stands out. Therefore, prevent the establishment of breast cancer.

Avoid chronic and metabolic diseases

It is no secret to anyone that poor eating habits increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Chronic and metabolic diseases that do not assure a long-term outlook for the individual.

Hence, foods to gain muscle and healthy food in general are promoted with such insistence. In this way, a better quality and life expectancy for the human being is promoted.

Protect mental health

The American Psychiatric Society shocked the public by concluding a peculiar study; established that consuming certain healthy foods guarantees the protection of mental health and the relief of mild symptoms of depression.

For its part, the consumption of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods is closely related to hormonal releases.

Among them are endorphins and serotonin, precursors to pleasant and enjoyable moods.

Goodbye to stress

Eating healthy products promotes the control of cortisol, adrenaline and catecholamines, organic substances that are suddenly on the rise during stressful situations.

Specifically, omega-3 and vitamin C are compounds proportionally involved in said action. In conclusion, both stress and tension will be reduced with a good diet.