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Three juices to lower cholesterol that you should take into account

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
Three juices to lower cholesterol that you should take into account
Strawberry juice provides vitamin C and is one of the most used to stabilize cholesterol.

Today we want to give you a list of three juices to lower cholesterol. We will help you stay healthy so that you can always be energetic, willing, active and, above all, happy, in the face of the activities that are presented to you every day.

Cholesterol, indeed, is a waxy or fatty substance that the body needs in order to form healthy cells. However, due to its fatty nature, its high levels in the blood can clog arteries or veins that later lead to heart disease.

For this simple reason, you must take care of these values in the blood.

High cholesterol: Why is it generated?

We already defined cholesterol, but despite this, there are other things that we would like to teach you. It is necessary to know that high cholesterol can be hereditary, but mainly, it comes from an unhealthy life choice.

Fatty foods can be divided into two, those that provide natural fat, the necessary for our body and those that, in itself, we add unhealthy amounts of fat ourselves, that is, that they will not be digested in the same way.

High cholesterol levels come from these foods, the fatty ones that are not good, at least, to consume them daily. High cholesterol causes small blockages in the arteries that, over time, can burst and thus carry fat to other arteries and veins, affecting the heart, one of the main organs of the human body.

In addition to this, the heart would not be the only one affected, you can have a cerebrovascular accident also known by its acronym ACV or a direct attack on the lungs. One way or another, these elevated levels must be treated in order to build a fit, healthy and happy body.

types of cholesterol

The good cholesterol is responsible for collecting all the cholesterol and sending it back to the liver, while the bad cholesterol transports cholesterol throughout the body.

This, little by little, leads to the accumulation of fats and the not so desired plugs are made so that in the future you suffer from the aforementioned diseases.

If you want to avoid all that, then pay special attention to the list of juices that we have for you.

Citrus juice with strawberries

Strawberries, a delicious fruit with a striking red color that, in addition, because they are citrus, have a large amount of vitamin C. If you mix them with others of the same style, you will not only obtain a juice that fights bad cholesterol, but also It also adds to a good immune system.

It strengthens the defenses, gives you energy and best of all, is that it is refreshing and can be used at any time of the day; morning afternoon or night this divine juice will help you in everything, we show you here how to do it.


  • A cup of strawberries, which is equivalent to 100 grams.

  • Two oranges (the juice of them).

  • A kiwi.


Wash and peel the kiwi, extract the juice from the oranges and remove the leaves from the strawberries, blend everything with very little cold water and enjoy this refreshing juice without straining. Consume when you want, at any time of the day.

Parsley, apple and spinach juice

Another of the green juices to lower cholesterol is the one that contains apple, this fruit is ideal for everything, because the amount of nutrients it has is amazing. If you mix it with parsley and spinach you will get a nutritional bomb for your body. The preparation is like this:


  • 1 cup of raw spinach leaves.

  • 4 apples.

  • 1 handful of parsley.


In a juice extractor you are going to put the ingredients one by one, then, that juice you are going to mix it in the blender and you will drink it the day you consider and when you prefer it. This mixture is considered among the green juices to lower cholesterol if you use apple of that color.

Carrot, parsley and spinach juice

This last juice is one of the best sellers, so to speak, commercially, but it is very simple to make at home. So get to work:


  • 4 carrots.

  • 2 spinach leaves previously washed.

  • A bunch of parsley.


Put the ingredients separately in the juice extractor, now that juice that comes out, put it to blend in the washing machine and that's it.

You will get a flavor full of nutrients and perfect for lowering cholesterol almost immediately, consume it 15 minutes after each meal.

You already have the recipe for three juices to lower cholesterol that you can prepare whenever you like and that will bring multiple benefits to your body, many more than those that we comment on in these lines.