Tips to cut clean fruits and vegetables

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There are tasks that, at first glance, can seem trivial and banal, such as washing and cutting fruits and vegetables. However, as we know, this is not always the case, so we often adopt tools that can simplify our lives.

Tips to cut clean fruits and vegetables – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The difference between what we see in cooking programs, cookbooks, blogs, internet tutorials and what we really know how to do is often gigantic. Vegetables with a perfect and appetizing appearance who find a harsh reality, ours, full of clumsy attempts and, often, with disastrous results.

Sometimes we cut too much and we end up throwing pieces that we could use, sometimes we hurt ourselves with an inadequate knife.

In the absence of a specific utensil, we have to learn to handle knives without major problems, especially when we have large quantities of vegetables available. How to do it?

Cherry tomatoes (cherry)

To cut this type of tomatoes easily and without wasting time, here is an original and effective trick. What to do? Overlap two plates and place the tomatoes between them, with a sharp knife and with a blade larger than the diameter of the chosen dishes.

put the knife in the tomatoes and go! Now just use your cherry tomatoes as you want, either in salads, pastas or pizzas.

Tips to cut clean fruits and vegetables – Wellness and Health – WebMediums


If you do not have a specific instrument to peel the pineapple, you can do it with a simple knife.

Simply remove the crown and the base of the pineapple, and with a serrated knife go cutting the skin, taking care to preserve the pulp as much as possible.

The last step is to finish cleaning the pineapple and cut it into slices. The leaves can be preserved to be planted in pots.


You can peel the apples with a special apple peel with a crank, a utensil that extracts the crust and the central part while cutting it into round and thin slices.

Another way is to use the typical tool that will cut the apples into triangles separating the central part.


To properly peel a grenade, it is necessary to patiently remove the upper part and then the lower part.

After that you have to make superficial cuts in the shell, pressing the knife in until the pomegranate rache opens into sections. Up to that point you can remove the seeds.

If you want to prepare juice, you can cut the pomegranate in half and use a juicer.


As eggplants darken easily, they should be washed and cut shortly before use. First, you have to remove the stem and then the bark (if necessary). After that you just have to proceed with the cut.

Tips to cut clean fruits and vegetables – Wellness and Health – WebMediums


In the absence of an appropriate utensil, you can cut the carrots as julienne (in thin and long strips).

With a simple kitchen knife, cut the carrot in the longitudinal direction several times until it is in the form of sticks.


To cut the potatoes easily, you can use a knife, after having cut the base so you can support it. Alternatively, you can use a potato peeler.


To avoid tearing, the onion should always be rinsed or submerged in cold water. And how to cut? With a sharp knife, you have to remove the bottom and top, divide it in half and remove the shell. Then you can cut it quickly.

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