Treatment of tuberculosis

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It is very important that people learn how to act when they are suffering from tuberculosis. Knowing how to recognize the disease and be able to treat it in time is a plus point that will benefit us to be able to heal in time.

In this article we will review the treatment that should be carried out when tuberculosis occurs.
Treatment of tuberculosis – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

When the diagnosis is made, the doctor will determine, depending on the evolution of the disease and the individual, the medications that the patient will have to take.

When treatment for tuberculosis begins, two specific antibiotics and two additional ones are started in order to weaken the bacteria causing the infection.

After a while the doctor will remove the two secondary antibiotics and continue with the remaining two.

Treatment to cure tuberculosis takes time and is not easy. It requires the commitment of the affected person to take the corresponding pills of the day and not to skip any.

Every day there will be a pill to take, and it is essential that you never forget to take one, otherwise the treatment can become complex.

The specialist will surely recommend it to you, the drugs should be taken in the morning and on an empty stomach, that is, without anything in the stomach so that the absorption of the drug is maximum.

Coughing is the contagion factor for tuberculosis, so it is recommended that the infected person move away for a while so as not to infect other people.

After a few weeks of taking the corresponding medication, the individual will be able to recover his social life since there is no possibility that someone will be infected.

The treatment requires patience and that the medication is not stopped even if the individual is already feeling well. Otherwise, it will relapse into the disease and the bacteria will be resistant to the medicine so eliminating them will be much more difficult.

Treatment of tuberculosis – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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Tratamiento de la tuberculosis
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