Vision disorders, which are the most common?

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Vision disorders, which are the most common? – Wellness and Health
The view is one of the most precious senses of human beings

Eye's helath is very important, but unfortunately not everyone pays the attention it deserves. Now due to the pandemic many people further postpone their visit to the specialist.

We must remember that this is not a problem only of adults, children also suffer a lot of visual disorders and are perhaps the least attended.

Either because of age, or because they do not know how to differentiate the symptoms they are presenting.

Currently, statistics indicate that at least 20% of the children's population worldwide, presents some vision disorder.

Faced with this situation, the specialists recommend those responsible for small, to be more attentive to the symptomatology that presents to be able to detect, prevent and take corrective actions on time.

A visual problem that is not detected on time can interfere in the socialization of individuals, lack of concentration and even generate learning problems.

Most common vision disorders

Within the more common vision disorders in the population is: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, which is more common in older adults.


Myopia is one of the Vision disorders more common within the population worldwide.

The vast majority of the time, is detected at an early age.

This disorder causes people not able to distinguish distant objects, as they see them blurred, while close objects if they can see them with total clarity.


The hyperopia is also known as hyperocho, and this disorder generates that the individual can observe the objects that are distant more clearly than those objects that are close to them, that is, the opposite of myopia.

But in the case of hyperopia, not all patients react the same, as it can be presented with different symptoms, there is still a clear response for this variation.

Even many people develop hyperopia in their adulthood, while others from very young ages. Another variant of the disease, is that many people see fuzzy objects regardless of the distance in which they are.


When talking about astigmatism, we talk about a disorder that generates that the eye is not able to focus the consone light on the retina, besides that it causes the tissue in the back of the eye to be sensitive to light.

When this sensitivity occurs and the focus problem images are blurred and even elongated, that is, they are distorted.


We also have the presbyopia, which as we mentioned is a disorder that appears with age, and generates a loss in the ability to focus.

This happens, because as our organs age, they lose the quality of their functioning and of course the eye does not escape it. In general, presbyopia may begin to affect adults over 35 years of age.


Strabismus is considered a visual defect that generates the loss of parallelism of the eyes, this defect is congenital and has no age range to appear, it is even considered as an early disorder, as it may appear in the first months of life.

The amblyopia

The Gandul eye, the vague eye or the lazy eye, so it is also called this disorder that receives the name of Amblyopia.

This disease is generated when the person uses an eye less than another, and generally develops in patients suffering from other diseases such as strabismus or when there is a high graduation difference between both eyes.

This is one of the disorders that if it is detected in time it can be solved or improve, that is, if it is diagnosed in childhood and is given adequate treatment, the appearance of the eye can improve considerably.

How to detect a vision disorder?

Within the most common symptoms, and that must generate alerts about the state of our visual health we have:

  1. Blurred vision that is the most common symptom.

  2. Double vision.

  3. Present cloudy vision.

  4. Having to squint to focus and visualize the objects.

  5. Headaches without explanation.

  6. Visual fatigue.

How to correct visual disorders?

Vision disorders, which are the most common? – Wellness and Health
Visual disorders

As already indicated, the most important thing for visual health is to pay attention to each of the signals that our body gives us and in this case our eyes, since any visual disease detected on time can be solved or mitigated according to its characteristic own.

Currently, the problems of vision can be corrected with the good use of glasses, with contact lenses and in many cases with surgery.

The specialist will be in charge of indicating the patient what is the best solution to his visual disorder, since not all patients are candidates for the use of contact lenses, nor to be subjected to surgery.

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