What are the causes of aphonia?

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Who has not ever suffered from aphonia? Many people suffer from voice problems on a daily basis due to their profession or due to various causes that produce an inability to speak. In this article we will review the concept of aphonia and what are the causes of its appearance.

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As stated before, aphonia is the inability to speak. This can vary in different levels of severity. It usually affects children and young people, however adults are not excepted.

Among the causes that produce aphonia are the following:

Misuse of the voice: Some professions require that the person be continuously speaking such as teaching, journalism, public relations, singers, among others. In turn, when a person screams loudly, after a while they may begin to feel discomfort in the throat that can lead to aphonia.

Nerves: There are people who cannot control their nerves and that any stressful situation affects them too much. In these types of people in these situations, aphonia becomes periodic. After a time of this stressful situation, everything returns to normal.

Contact with the cold: Exposing the throat in very cold climatic periods, as well as the ingestion of very cold drinks, produces changes in the voice, which can be either sharper or more serious.

Intake of products with toxic chemicals: This is the case of tobacco, cigars, alcohol and any other type of product that, due to its elements, is toxic or irritating.

Medical studies: Different studies prior to surgery or control check-up require medical instruments to pass through the larynx. These practices temporarily produce changes in the voice.

Hoarseness can occur in any type of person depending on the activities they perform. If the voice problems become periodic, it is best to consult a doctor to see if we should carry out any treatment.

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