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What are the causes of Canker Sores?

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Many people suffer from so-called canker sores, and they are often mistakenly identified as cold sores. That is why in this article we will talk about them and the causes that produce their appearance.

Canker sores, commonly called sores, are small blisters that are characterized by being round with a reddish border and a white or yellow center.

What are the causes of Canker Sores? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Women suffer the most and, to a lesser extent, men. They are painful lesions that usually appear on the tongue, the inner part of the cheeks and lips, and on the gums.

Before the appearance of the canker sore, there is usually an intense itching in the area. The causes that produce it are not clear. After hundreds of scientific studies, it was not possible to determine the reason for its appearance, however, there are a series of conditions that lead to its manifestation:

Menstrual cycle: During this cycle the hormonal changes that the woman has favor the appearance of canker sores.

Allergy: Some people have allergies to certain foods such as tomato, pineapple, chocolate, among others. This causes that if you ingest any portion of them, sores can appear.

Celiacs: People who cannot consume gluten due to their inability to absorb this element, is usually related to the appearance of canker sores.

Stress and anxiety: Nervous people in stressful situations such as taking a final exam at university.

Heredity: It has also been determined that many times its appearance is due to hereditary causes. If the individual's parents ever suffered from canker sores, then the individual will have a 90% chance of suffering from it.

Our recommendation is that if you have doubts or are suffering from canker sores, go quickly to a medical consultation in order to solve your problem.

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