What to eat after running?

Food that help you keep energy

Grecia De Flores
3 min read

It is important that everyone always possesses a balanced feeding all over his day to day, but when we are doing some exercise routine, this diet must be even more balanced.

In addition, each exercise routine linked to good food, brings with it Benefits for our health.

If you are one of those people who are used to that your favorite activity in the mornings, whether it is important, it is important that you put even more attention in your food, what you consume, and what you do not.

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Run, it's an excellent way to keep us in shape

Each body is different, but if something we have in common, is that our body needs certain important elements that help improve the physical and mental form of each person.

That is why we leave you an explanatory list about those foods that we must consume correctly in order to pay back to our body everything that loses with the daily exercise.

5 foods what to eat after running in the mornings


Milk, well contrary to what is believed does not give any kind of calcium contribution to our body, however, if it represents an immense source of proteins which is consumed quite quickly by our body.

In this way our muscles can be recovered almost immediately.

Although this was not enough, the milk has the ability to hydrate, so will cause our water levels in the body to upload quickly to normal.

However, if you want a more professional opinion, experts ensure that dull or semi-powered milk is one of the best for human consumption.


This is considered part of the superfront clan, since it can be ingested before, during and even after exercise, since it is full of potassium, which is one of the minerals that most It is usually lost because of sweat.

In addition, its composition is perfect in order to help replace the proteins that have been lost during the year.


Another excellent source of protein is tuna.

Its flavor and textures are so versatile, that you can combine it with almost everything, from a piece of bread, up to a little pasta or also a good plate of rice.

Yogurt with natural fruit

The yogurt is one of the derivatives of the milk that has the most acceptance among the public, for this reason, the properties that can contribute to your body, are almost the same as milk; However, we must add some minerals as the magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus.

A plus to make its flavor insurmountable, it is to combine it with fruit, as it will help to give it a more powerful flavor and greater benefits for your health.