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What is cyberbullying?

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
What is cyberbullying? – What is it – WebMediums
Today there are many victims of cyberbullying.

We live in a world that is beginning to defend the rights of the most destitute, that's why today we want to talk to you about what cyberbullying is.

A term that refers to the disrespect that many people decide to have with others. Probably, you have suffered from something like this or know of a person who has been harassed, so we encourage you to read the lines so that you can be more informed.

Cyberbullying is the harassment, abuse or defamation that one or more people may feel or witness through social networks or through some type of electronic messaging, that is, through the use of the Internet. It is also known as cyberbullying and we could say that its existence dates back to the beginning of technology.

The human being for years has developed new technological advances to improve the quality of life and thus have a better world, however, it should be noted that these types of advances also have their negative side, bringing new forms of harassment or annoyance.

Abusers have borrowed to design, through technology, ways to harass others.

Due to all of the above, it is important to know what cyberbullying is in order to face it in the best way and not be part of this group of people who, based on their negative feelings, harm others through technology..

Types of cyberbullying

To prevent this great evil that has been responsible for many depressions and we dare to say that, even deaths, it is necessary for us to expose a lot of information about it, because by knowing about the subject we can be one of those who protect others and thus report it to the authorities those who practice this type of abuse.

We have already explained what cyberbullying is, now, we want to tell you a little about the types of cyberbullying that exist. Yes, there are many types of this harassment and with the proliferation of social networks, websites and the wide world of the Internet, cyberbullying has grown along with them.

There are about fifteen types of virtual harassment, we will expose the most common ones in this list.


This type of cyberbullying is one that consists of publishing or defaming information about a person without their consent.

It is very common today in social networks and stands out for being aggressive because it is mostly related to acts of revenge towards a person or simply a joke in bad taste that can trigger major problems.


It is the direct publication of insults, messages or images that provoke a negative feeling in the target person. It can be done through private chat conversations or in public. The stalker will continue until he can get the discomfort of his victim.


It is one of the most common today. It consists of sending messages or images to children in order to incite them and thus promote sexual abuse. The attack is promoted by adults and the main objective is to prepare the victim for the moment of abuse.

cyber stalking

It is practically an obsession, this is one of the types of cyberbullying that we see a lot in movies and consists of the abuser becoming obsessed with a person to the point of following his trail on the Internet, harassing him on the pages he visits and on his social networks. In general, abusers have very extensive computer skills.

You already know four types of cyberbullying very detailed in their explanation so that, if at any time you have suffered from any of them, you can report it to the specific authorities and call it by name. Remember, knowing allows you to understand, by understanding you can work towards it, eliminating bullying in this case.

Consequences of cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying? – What is it – WebMediums
One of the terrible consequences is the suicide of victims of cyberbullying.

We already know what cyberbullying is and some of its types, but have you thought about the consequences that this act can have? Harassment in general brings many negative feelings in abused people that, if not treated correctly, can trigger major problems up to death.

It is precisely for this last mentioned reason that it is urgent for us to talk about the subject, expose what many people suffer, inform you and make you part of these experiences so that you are a positive spokesperson and can add life to each space in which you develop.

Some of the consequences of cyberbullying are as follows:

For the abuser, the criminal consequences are really serious like any other crime if it is proven, in court, that this person was responsible for all the victim's discomfort. If the victim were to attempt against his own life, this crime will be added to the stalker.

In the victim the consequences are fatal. They range from the simplest, but also complex, such as depression to suicide. We have prepared a small list for you to observe the damage that the practice of cyberbullying causes in others.

  • Noticeable changes in behavior.

  • Wasted affective relationships.

  • Destroyed families or children who lose trust in their parents.

  • Development of low self-esteem.

  • Psychological problems.

  • Depression.

  • Suicide.

  • Aggressive for no reason. The latter can be very dangerous, since the victim is in a state of permanent tension and can react in the wrong way without premeditation.

Now that you know what cyberbullying is, its types and its consequences, we encourage you to become aware of this topic. Be the change you want and need so much, be empathic, take care of others and always contribute positively.