What is Meclizine good for?

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Meclizine is a compound that belongs to the class of antiemetics, anti vertiginous and antihistamines. Which is composed of different assets that have the properties of acting as an anti cholinergic, antispasmodic, a kind of local anesthetic and even has depressant properties that act directly on the nervous system.

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Although it is considered as belonging to the class that comes from the piperazine as an antiemetic.

Acts directly on the liver, creating a protective layer with a duration of about 6 hours, although in most cases it is especially indicated to level the feeling of labyrinths at the level of the cerebellar-type vestibule pathways.

Meclizine has two main uses, the first and the main use of loa meclizine is to treat motion sickness, although its use is not approved in children under 12 years old and with strict medical surveillance in adults over 65 years of age due to its strong risk factors.

The other main use of Meclizine is against vertigo, can immediately relieve symptoms and have a long-acting effect.

It can also be used to prevent vomiting and dizziness.

Among the different side effects of people who ingest meclizine, the most common are first the somnolence, for this reason it is advisable to rest when taking it and not have to operate any type of vehicle or machinery while its effect lasts.

Another important side effect, it is the sensation of re-dryness in the mouth, this effect usually occurs in older adults, as well as also blurred vision.

Other rare side effects that have occurred are headache, fatigue, nervousness, increased appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pharyngitis, hypotension, palpitations, among others.
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¿Para qué sirve la Meclizina?
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