What is astigmatism?

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Often there are headaches, which are accompanied by rare attacks of blurred vision. These are the most common symptoms of astigmatism.

Often it is not paid attention, showever, this is an inappropriate attitude towards your own health.

What is astigmatism? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

If the astigmatism is not subject to correction, soon the rare headaches will be replaced by intense dizziness, constant fatigue and the pain will become permanent.

To avoid such event development, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist in a medical center. Only a properly chosen treatment, with constant medical observation, it may, if not cure this pathology, facilitate the course and tolerance of the disease. how to administer medications via otic?

What is astigmatism? Definition:

Astigmatism is the most common cause of poor vision, accompanied by farsightedness and myopia.

The most frequent reason is congenital hereditary pathology, which is the irregular shape of the cornea. But this disease can be acquired as a result of operations or injuries to the cornea.

This common disease is quite easy to eliminate. For this purpose, corrective lenses or glasses are selected at the medical center. how to treat barley in the eye?

What is astigmatism? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

However, it is sometimes used for correction and refractive surgery. The pathology has no age limit, affects both children and adults.

Only the specialists of the clinic are able to determine the type of disease, since only with the use of special equipment, it is possible to identify the astigmatism type crystal or horn.

Causes of astigmatism

Astigmatism, as mentioned above, is often innate. Here the focus of the image is concentrated not on a point, but on two points, which in itself makes the transmitted image blurry.

The ophthalmologists of the medical center advise not to start this disease, but try to get rid of it as soon as possible, since the progressive nature of the disease is loaded with the development of keratoconus.

That is, to exclude the progression of astigmatism, it is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist at the medical center a couple of times a year. This section is important to learn about Tips to take care of your eyelids.

Astigmatism therapy

It is possible to correct astigmatism with the help of lenses, but this therapy is quite problematic.

It all depends on the person, since many people who wear complex glasses may experience some discomfort, such as dizziness or severe pain in the eyes. Did you know about how to protect the sight?

What is astigmatism? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This process is aggravated by the difficulty of selecting suitable points, while its cost is high. Sometimes, the patient needs to test several pairs to choose the most suitable pair for the individual characteristics.

Therefore, do not delay and pay a visit to the clinic optometrist and treat the root pathology. Twe leave this article on How to prevent discomfort in the eyes.

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¿Qué es el astigmatismo?
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