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The new trend in wedding dresses for 2022

Ruth Chacon
3 min read
The new trend in wedding dresses for 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums

For this next season the trend in wedding dresses is for all kinds of ceremonies, from church weddings, as well as beach weddings and civil ceremonies; In each of these occasions you must have the correct and dreamed dress.

The style you choose for your wedding will help you find the perfect dress. Of course, before choosing, take into account the type of girlfriend you are, according to your personality:

  • Romantic

  • Bohemia

  • Modern

  • Elegant

  • Current

Taking into account your style, the next thing to think about is your body silhouette, your height, and skin color. This will lead you to find the perfect look.

The best wedding dresses for 2022

The new trend in wedding dresses for 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Wedding dresses for 2022

Corset bodice dresses

This dress is tight to the body giving a princess style dreamed of by many brides. It is a sleeveless garment that can be ideal for more daring brides, and with a very defined personality.

Long queues for royal weddings

One of the best trends in bridal dress that will never go out of style are long-tail dresses. It is a style that gives great volume and mainly defined with light fabrics without adding great weight.

It generally has a main neckline design on the shoulders to give an elegant style.

Long sleeve wedding dress

Lightweight fabrics and lace are part of this design — perfect for those who feel more comfortable with their arms covered. Ideal for romantic brides, or those who want a more demure style.

Wedding dress with pockets

They are characterized by having pockets on the low-cut skirts. It is very practical, and it is ideal for current brides.

The cuts in wedding dress that go according to your silhouette

The new trend in wedding dresses for 2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Choose the cut according to your silhouette

In addition to styles and types of fabrics, you should know that, beyond trends or personal tastes, there are different cuts for wedding dresses.

Line A: They are those tight from the chest to the waist and with a wider fall for the skirt. Perfect for women with curves that are not too marked, in a rectangular or triangle shape.

Mermaid cut: If you have a very slim waist, a flat stomach and well-placed breasts, then it is the ideal one, because the mermaid cut dress would be perfect for you.

It is a classic fitted to the knee, where the flight begins. If you are short, avoid it because it will make you look even smaller, although it is perfect for hourglass or inverted triangle silhouettes.

Empire cut dresses: If you are one of those brides who seek comfort, the empire cut is perfect. It is very easy to recognize its short waist that ends under the chest and, from there, we can see the fall of the skirt, so that it gives a touch like the Greek goddesses.

Princess Cut : If you want to organize a fairytale wedding, you may want a princess cut dress. This one is fitted to the waist and features a V-shaped cut.

At this certain height we can see that a skirt with volume is pronounced.

Fitted or tube type: For tall brides with stylized, slim figures and for those who want to achieve a little more height, fitted dresses can be a great choice, since they favor curves, but, you must be sure that you can feel comfortable with it.