Alzheimer's cases are on the rise globally

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Alzheimer's is one of the degenerative diseases that most worries the world due to the increasing increase in statistics.

If individuals commit to themselves and their health; In order to take care of and control obesity, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, hearing loss, social isolation, cognitive passivity, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, the statistics of Alzheimer's could considerably decrease.

Being the main cause of dementia in the world, this degenerative disease is the one that creates the greatest disability in older adults and in turn brings enormous social costs.

Global alarm for Alzheimer's

If the statistics related to the increase in Alzheimer's in the world continue to grow, by 2050 the figure will be truly alarming.

Not forgetting that more than 80% of cases with mild symptoms are still undiagnosed; and that more or less 50% of the total cases are in the same circumstances. It has been determined that minimizing certain risk elements could prevent the increase of Alzheimer's in the world.

These factors are linked to other diseases that tend to appear before this type of dementia shows its first signs.

Alzheimer's prevention

After all that is indicated and taking into account that the current treatment is only to buy time for the inevitable, since it only manages to slow down the degeneration, but for no reason it manages to cure the disease.

There is still a long way to go to stop the evolutionary process of Alzheimer's. However, it is scientifically considered that taking precautions can cope with this terrible diagnosis.

For this it is recommended:

Eat a healthy diet. Exercise. Keep the brain active with different activities. Give the older adult the opportunity to keep busy, with something to think about and something to do. Stay socially active. Avoid smoking. Cut down on excess alcohol consumption.


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