Experts explain the conditions for preparing strong and healthy coffee

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You don't have to be an expert barista to make good coffee at home, but you do need to pay attention to a number of details in the process, which make a lot of difference in the end result.

What's more, many coffee experts have studied the main fundamentals of coffee and how they affect the taste of the drink.

Experts explain the conditions for preparing strong and healthy coffee

In this case we are referring to the proportion, the grind, the water and the freshness of the coffee. If you do not know what they are, below we will detail what these main fundamentals on which coffee is based.

Fundamentals of coffee preparation: Proportion

Using the correct ratio between coffee and water is essential to make a good cup of hot coffee. The universal rule with which the drink is prepared is for every 10 grams of coffee you need 180 milliliters of water.

However, many people may consider this class of coffees very concentrated, they can reduce the intensity by pouring hot water into the cup when the coffee is ready.

It is not highly recommended preparing 10 grams of coffee with less water than suggested, since doing so would result in a more bitter coffee than ideal, this is because a very little amount of water will not be able to extract all the nuances of the beans in the coffee.

Therefore, if you want a more concentrated or stronger coffee, the best thing to do is vary with the coffee beans used.

The coffee grind

Grinding or grinding is another aspect to highlight in the preparation of a good coffee. Because it is this process that is responsible for converting the coffee bean into a hot drink.

This step must be done properly to preserve the aromas and original flavor of the coffee, so it is best to grind it yourself, rather than buy it ground.

The grind can be from, coarse, medium and fine. Each grind is made for one type of coffee maker:

Coarse grinding: This type of grinding is suitable for preparations that are slow in plunger coffee machines, and it is in this type of coffee machines that the coffee beans rest for a long time, releasing all their properties and oil. Being the drink quite soft.

Medium grind: This preparation is more related to filter coffee makers, being perfect for this type of coffee makers.

Fine grind: The most recommended for those espresso machines. Since the grind must be fine, so that the coffee is made quickly and all the nuances of the grain are extracted, which is a bitter coffee.

The water to use in the coffee

Very rarely do we pay attention to the water we use in the infusion, but we focus more on the coffee beans. Which is a mistake because quality water is needed to get a good coffee, that is why filtering the water is advisable in these cases, so that it is fresh and clean.

The freshness of water and coffee

The coffee itself and the water must be fresh in order to obtain a good coffee. Especially coffee should be stored in an airtight and opaque container at room temperature. In the same way, humidity, light and heat can change the taste of coffee.

In other words, the important thing is to keep it fresh, without wanting to be cold; so in this case it is not at all advisable to store the coffee in the fridge. However, ground coffee tends to be kept less than coffee beans, so it is advisable to consume it as soon as possible.

The extra foundation: cleanliness

The cleanliness of the utensils used in the preparation of coffee is essential, since although it is true that the proportion, the grind, the water and the freshness must be taken into account. It is just as important to keep the coffee machines clean and safe.

Otherwise, the oils can become rancid and this can affect the final taste of the coffee, the filter coffee makers must also be cleaned. For the coffee making to be effective.

Without a doubt, the fundamentals of coffee are necessary to achieve a good cup of coffee, so its importance is total.