Dorian downgrades to Category 4 after destroying Bahamas

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Although the hurricane is now Category 4, it is still on high alert for the United States, where at least one million people were ordered to evacuate. Although so far no fatalities have been reported from Hurricane Dorian, several structures were collapsed and streets completely destroyed.

Dorian downgrades to Category 4 after destroying Bahamas – News – WebMediums

The hurricane remains very close to the Bahamas, in addition, it only travels 1.5 km / h, which makes the island continue to feel the force of Dorian. Now, the National Hurricane Agency has downgraded it to category 4, but it continues to be a danger to the region. However, the hurricane remains unlikely to make landfall, but evacuation remains mandatory.

The dangers continue, especially due to a storm surge that exceeds seven meters in height, with enough capacity to flood an entire region. For now, the Abaco Islands were the first to receive the strongest impact from Dorian, causing utter devastation, described by some as a total loss.

The entire coastline of the United States influenced by the hurricane has an active evacuation order. Although it is expected that in the next few hours it can lower its category to 3 and in the following days to 2.

The National Hurricane Center warns that after passing through the Carolinas, Dorian will become a tropical storm, but will continue to be dangerous for coastal residents.