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3 easy-to-make kiwi smoothies

Take advantage of the vitamins in this fruit and make vitamin drinks

Sara Manaure
5 min read

The shakes are one of the most sought after drinks, to generate the highest contribution of vitamins. In this sense, I bring you some kiwi smoothies that you will not be able to stop preparing.

These will provide you with a large amount of antioxidants that combined with other fruits and supplements generate nutritional value for the body. Especially why would you be consuming the fruits naturally.

3 easy-to-make kiwi smoothies – Recipes – WebMediums
Variety of smoothies: kiwi, orange and strawberry

Either because you practice a sport, or to prevent aging, it is a great option to consume. Don't miss out on how to prepare these delicious drinks and find out what benefits each one brings.

1. Kiwi and oatmeal smoothies

This one contains milk, so you can choose soy or skim milk instead. In addition, you are going to require:


  • 2 kiwis

  • 1 glass of soy or skim milk

  • 35 grams of rolled oats

  • 250 milliliters of water (optional)


Start by peeling the kiwi and chop it up into pieces. Put the milk, kiwis and oats in the blender. When you have mixed everything if the mixture has been too thick you can add water to achieve a smoother consistency.

This varies depending on the type of oatmeal you use, since some hydrate more than others. Although many choose to strain the idea is to consume as much pulp as possible.

You can either eat it with a spoon or add more water. Just make sure you eat everything, as this is the recommended dose.

Benefits of kiwi juice and oats

Kiwi together with oats can help you lose weight, as it has cleansing properties for the digestive tract. Don't be surprised if this shake makes your bowel movements more frequent and the amount of fluid in your urine more.

You can take it in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach to maximize the effects.

3 easy-to-make kiwi smoothies – Recipes – WebMediums
Our central fruit kiwi

2. Kiwi and apple smoothie

For this shake we will make a preparation for two people. It is recommended that both the apple and kiwi pulp are as fleshy as possible.


To prepare the kiwi and apple smoothie you will need:

  • 2 kiwis

  • 1 green apple

  • 500 milliliters of water


Initially you must peel the apple and kiwi. Chop the apple and kiwi pieces to make them easier to blend. Do not forget to remove the core of the apple and the seeds.

Then carry. Wing blender and add the water. Let the ingredients mix well so that you will not "stumble" when you drink.

Now, serve and enjoy. You can use cold water if you want a refreshing drink. This drink is great to start the day.

Kiwi Apple Smoothie: What is it for?

Now that you know how to prepare this super smoothie, you may wonder, what are the benefits of apple and kiwi juice? Well, this shake helps control stress and nerves naturally.

In addition, they are very good at helping cell regeneration, so that scars, marks and other skin conditions may be favored. It even prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Green apple juice, kiwi and cucumber benefits

This shake is one of the most consumed or sought after. And it is that there are so many properties of its ingredients that they can be consumed for more than one benefit.


  • 2 kiwis

  • 1 green apple

  • ½ cucumber

  • 1 lemon peeled

  • 1 glass of water

3 easy-to-make kiwi smoothies – Recipes – WebMediums
A phenomenal Companion The apple.


Start by peeling all the fruits and the cucumber. In special the lemon, since it can place the bitter preparation. However, if the shell is taken at the moment it could be the least.

Now, add all the ingredients in small pieces to the blender and the glass of water. Let everything blend well and serve over ice. If you want a creamy texture instead of water add milk.

Benefits of green apple, kiwi and cucumber juice

Among the benefits that kiwi provides are to nourish the body, especially the cell thanks to its high amount of antioxidants. When mixed with apple and cucumber it helps to strengthen the immune system.

This is because it favors the absorption of nutrients and the proper functioning of the digestive system, which is where we eat. With this up-to-date the body will be much stronger and fitter.

Add natural sweetener to your shakes

For any of these shakes you can use a little sugar, although ideally they should be one hundred percent natural. In these cases, stevia, either in the plant or bought in the market, can be used.

If you want to prepare the stevia in plant. Make a concentrated infusion of stevia that you can administer a little during your day. Don't do that anymore, as it may taste bitter.

To add stevia to smoothies, dissolve the amount of stevia you want, according to your taste, in the amount of water you should add. And ready! Another great option is honey to sweeten your smoothies.

Or, failing that, controlling certain symptoms, but it will not be the total cure for the disease. With this in mind you can prepare the combinations that you most want or need.

Remember that although these shakes are loaded with many vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body, they are not the cure for any disease. You can rely on them to prevent certain conditions.

Because they are natural, you can take them as many times as you want. You can take them with meals or if they fill you up a lot between meals. Keep in mind that these shakes will not be able to supply the caloric load provided by the main meals.